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DateTitle Authors
2013 SB IPOs and IPO Anomalies: An Empirical Analysis of the Small Firm Uniqueness HypothesisBrau, James C. / Carpenter, C. Troy
2013 A Robust Valuation Model for Entrepreneurial VenturesKedar-Levy, Haim
2013 Bank Loans to Newly Public FirmsShaffer, Sherrill / Sokolyk, Tatyana
2013 Operationalizing a Behavioral Finance Risk Model: A Theoretical and Empirical FrameworkYazdipour, Rassoul / Neace, William P.
2012 Reassessing the Practical and Theoretical Influence of Entrepreneurship Through AcquisitionHunt, Richard A. / Fund, Bret
2012 Multiple-Project Financing with Informed TradingCantale, Salvatore / Lukin, Dmitry
2012 Trust and the Demand for Personal Collateral in SME - Bank RelationshipsMoro, Andrea / Lucas, Mike R. / Kodwani, Devendra
2012 Measuring the Effect of Bankruptcy Laws on Entrepreneurship Across CountriesCumming, Douglas J.
2012 The Debt Structure of SMEs: An Optimization ModelMoro, Andrea / Lucas, Mike R. / Grimm, Uwe G.
2011 Brand Reputation and the Cost of Capital: Evidence of Adopting a Brand Name as the Corporate NameWu, YiLin
2011 Funding Continuum for Private Business Owners: Evidence from the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project SurveyHarjoto, Maretno A. / Paglia, John K.
2011 Putting Ratios into a Firm Value Context for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship StudentsArnold, Tom
2011 Sovereign Wealth Funds: An Exploratory Study of Their BehaviorFatemi, Ali / Fooladi, Iraj / Kayhani, Nargess
2011 E-readiness and Entrepreneurship: A Cross Country Study of the Link between Technological Infrastructure and Entrepreneurial ActivityConstand, Richard L. / Gilbert, Arthur H.
2011 Minority Small-Firm Credit Applicants: Does Persistence Pay?Kim, Grace
2010 The role of owner in capital structure decisions: An analysis of single-owner corporationsAng, James / Cole, Rebel / Lawson, Daniel
2010 Investment timing for new business venturesBlazenko, George W. / Pavlov, Andrey D.
2010 Micro-IPOs: An analysis of the small corporate offering registration (SCOR) procedure with national dataBrau, James C. / Gee, Gardner
2010 Predicting firm failure: A behavioral finance perspectiveYazdipour, R. / Constand, Richard L.
2009 Decision making in entrepreneurial finance: A behavioral perspectiveYazdipour, Rassoul
2009 The valuation implications of sales growth in start-up venturesGavious, Ilanit / Schwartz, Dafna
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