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2022 Georgian railway's experiences with belt and road initiative: Advantages and disadvantagesGondauri, Davit
2022 Challenges and opportunities to develop Kazakhstani logistics projects within the BRIBrauweiler, Hans-Christian; Yerimpasheva, Aida
2022 The BRI: Trade integration and stock market synchronization. A review of empirical findingsHeß, Alexander; Hindermann, Christoph Michael
2022 The Chinese belt and road initiative between economics and geopolitics: Consequences for ArmeniaWrobel, Ralph
2022 Chinese lending specifics and projects in the Caucasus region: A look into project-level dataKalkschmied, Katja
2022 EU's global gateway strategy and building a global consensus vis-a-vis BRIPanda, Jagannath P.
2022 The opportunities of economic and legal cooperation between EU - Armenia within the framework of the BRIGhazaryan, Armen Ju.; Marukyan, Liana; Abrahamyan, Meline V.; Ayvazyan, Meline A.
2022 Perspectives of Armenian: Iranian economic relations within Belt and Road InitiativeGrigoryan, Karen; Arpanahi, Ali
2022 Spatial administration and legal aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative: Innovative solutions for ArmeniaKhachikyan, Sos; Hongzhen, Jiang
2022 BRI as chance for regional cooperation: Iran - Armenia economic relationsMargaryan, Atom; Grigoryan, Emil; Minassian, Armen
2022 Belt and Road Initiative as an innovative platform for technology transfer: Opportunities for ArmeniaMargaryan, Atom S.; Terzyan, Haroutyun T.; Grigoryan, Emil A.
2022 How realistic is Belt and Road Initiative for Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian Countries?Akmoldoev, Kiyalbek
2021 The European Union and Korea between the US and China: Geopolitical aspects of connectivity from the soft to hard power approachesNovotná, Tereza
2021 China's BRI diplomacy: What it means to India and India's risePanda, Jagannath P.
2021 Duisburg and its port, endpoint of China's silk road: Opportunities and risksPascha, Werner
2021 Korea and Germany as endpoints of the new silk road: Opportunities for cooperationSeidt, Hans-Ulrich
2021 Road and Belt, Iron Silk Road and Russian-Chinese geopolitical cooperation and competitionLukin, Artyom
2021 Kim Jong-un's Byungjin Policy: Support or obstacle for economic convergence on the Korean peninsula?Wrobel, Ralph
2021 South Korea, China and the Road and Belt Initiative: Economic and political factorsBarannikova, Anastasia
2021 The iron silk road and North Korea: Is there any chance to move forward?Seliger, Bernhard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 112
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