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2017 Innovation pathways and trajectories in India's auto component industryTiwari, Rajnish; Kalogerakis, Katharina
2017 Frugal innovation in Germany: A qualitative analysis of potential socio-economic impactsTiwari, Rajnish; Fischer, Luise; Kalogerakis, Katharina
2017 Innovationspfade in der deutschen Automobilzulieferindustrie: Eine Untersuchung aus der FrugalitätsperspektiveBergmann, Stephan; Tiwari, Rajnish
2017 Lead user method vs. innovation contest: An empirical comparison of two open innovation methodologies for identifying social innovation for flood Resilience in IndonesiaGoeldner, Moritz; Kruse, Daniel J.; Herstatt, Cornelius
2017 All that glitters is not gold: How motives for open innovation collaboration with startups diverge from action in corporate acceleratorsMoschner, Sandra-Luisa; Herstatt, Cornelius
2017 A comparison of German and Indian innovation pathways in the auto component industryKalogerakis, Katharina; Fischer, Luise; Tiwari, Rajnish
2017 Potenziale frugaler Innovationen: Handlungsimplikationen für das deutsche Forschungs- und InnovationssystemKalogerakis, Katharina; Tiwari, Rajnish; Fischer, Luise
2016 India's potential as a lead market for frugal innovation and the role of socio-cultural context factorsTiwari, Rajnish
2016 Standard implementation trajectories for sustainable product design: A configurational approachSmits, Armand; Drabe, Viktoria; Herstatt, Cornelius
2016 A bibliometric analysis of academic papers on frugal innovationTiwari, Rajnish; Kalogerakis, Katharina
2016 External search for exploration of future discontinuities and trends: Implications from the literature using co-citation and content analysisHeuschneider, Sara; Herstatt, Cornelius
2016 Are patients and relatives the better innovators? The case of medical smartphone applicationsGoeldner, Moritz; Herstatt, Cornelius
2015 Projektmanagement im Innovationsprozess: Analyse des Managements von Innovationsprojekten am Beispiel des Lead User-AnsatzesSchmidt, Tobias Sebastian; Lehnen, Jens; Herstatt, Cornelius
2015 Does cognitive distance affect product development for distant target groups? Evidence from the literature using co-citation methodologyLew, Jia Hui; Marwede, Malte; Herstatt, Cornelius
2015 Frugale Innovation: Wissenschaftliche Einordnung eines neuen InnovationsbegriffsHerstatt, Cornelius; Tiwari, Rajnish
2014 Lead markets in age-based innovationsLevsen, Nils; Herstatt, Cornelius
2014 The cradle-to-cradle (C2C) paradigm in the context of innovation management and driving forces for implementationGeng, Viktoria; Herstatt, Cornelius
2014 R&D employee's intention to exchange knowledge within open innovation projectsNedon, Verena; Herstatt, Cornelius
2014 Shareconomy: Performance-oriented systems as a strategySchiederig, Tim; Herstatt, Cornelius
2014 Implementation of lead users into management practice: A literature review of publications in business pressLehnen, Jens; Ehls, Daniel; Herstatt, Cornelius
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 102
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