Passauer Diskussionspapiere, Volkswirtschaftliche Reihe, Universität Passau

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2022 The Mexican drug war: Elections and homicidesGarcía-Ramos, Aixa
2022 Does information help to overcome public resistance to carbon prices? Evidence from an information provision experimentCantner, Fabienne; Rolvering, Geske
2022 The fertility transition in Sub-Saharan Africa: The role of structural changeBüttner, Nicolas; Grimm, Michael; Günther, Isabel; Harttgen, Kenneth; Klasen, Stephan
2022 Local inequality and crime: New evidence from South AfricaBüttner, Nicolas
2022 Firms under pressure: International trade and social activismLöhnert, Claudius
2022 Plausible deniability: Integration vs. outsourcing with heterogeneous firms and unethical suppliersLöhnert, Claudius
2021 Effects of internal rural-urban migration on rural non-farm enterprises: Evidence from Thailand and VietnamGrabrucker, Katharina
2021 Local global watchdogs: Trade, sourcing and the internationalization of social activismKoenig, Pamina; Krautheim, Sebastian; Löhnert, Claudius; Verdier, Thierry
2021 Temperature and non-communicable diseases: Evidence from Indonesia's primary health care systemFritz, Manuela
2020 Do just deserts and competition shape patterns of cheating?Grundmann, Susanna
2020 On the downward rigidity of wages: Evidence from an experimental labour market with monetary neutralityGrundmann, Susanna; Giamattei, Marcus; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2020 On the malleability of gender attitudes: Evidence from implicit and explicit measures in TunisiaNillesen, Eleonora; Grimm, Michael; Goedhuys, Micheline; Reitmann, Ann-Kristin; Meysonnat, Aline
2020 Changing environmental conservation attitudes: Evidence from a framed field experiment among small-scale coffee farmers in ColombiaReitmann, Ann-Kristin
2020 Can informal redistribution withstand formal safety nets? Insights from urban-rural transfers in Burkina FasoGrimm, Michael; Hartwig, Renate; Reitmann, Ann-Kristin; Bocoum, Fadima Yaya
2019 Revisiting habits and heterogeneity in demandsFritsch, Markus; Pua, Andrew Adrian Yu; Schnurbus, Joachim
2019 The role of the career costs of children for the effect of public child care on fertility and maternal employmentHuber, Katrin
2017 Publicly announced speed limit enforcement and its impact on road safety: Evidence from the German BlitzmarathonsMolitor, Ramona
2017 Population dynamics of tax avoidance with crowding effectsLorenz, Johannes
2016 Whom do people trust after a violent conflict? Experimental evidence from Maluku, IndonesiaWerner, Katharina
2016 Emotional numbing and lessons learned after a violent conflict - Experimental evidence from Ambon, IndonesiaWerner, Katharina; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 67
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