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DateTitle Authors
2011 Local government, taxes, and guns: Successful policy innovation in three Colombian citiesGutiérrez S., Francisco / Gutiérrez, María Teresa / Guzmán, Tania / Arenas, Juan Carlos / Pinto, María Teresa
2011 Aid supplies over time: Accounting for heterogeneity, trends, and dynamicsJones, Sam
2011 Aid and growth: What meta-analysis revealsMekasha, Tseday Jemaneh / Tarp, Finn
2011 Industrial policies in Latin AmericaPeres, Wilson
2011 Industrial policy in the twenty-first centuryWeiss, John
2011 Significance of public space in the fragmented city: Designing strategies for urban opportunities in informal settlements of Buenos Aires cityJanches, Flavio
2011 Interrelationships among health, environment quality, and economic activity: What consequences for economic convergence?Drabo, Alassane
2011 Manufacturing and economic developmentSzirmai, Adam
2011 Sensitivity of loan size to lending rates: Evidence from Ghana's microfinance sectorAnnim, Samuel Kobina
2011 Does foreign aid promote democracy? Aid, democracy, and instability from tradeKangoye, Thierry
2011 A re-examination of the relation between democracy and international trade: The case of AfricaBalding, Christopher
2011 Thailand's development strategy and growth performanceWarr, Peter
2011 Climate change and industrial policyNaudé, Wim
2011 Global supply chains in Chinese industrialization: Impact on waste scavenging in developing countriesMedina, Martin
2011 Manufacturing productivity, deindustrialization, and reindustrializationTregenna, Fiona
2011 Poverty and land distribution: Evidence from a natural experimentKeswell, Malcolm / Carter, Michael
2011 Does lack of innovation and absorptive capacity retard economic growth in Africa?Onyeiwu, Steve
2011 Improving donor support for urban poverty reductionBanks, Nicola
2011 Lessons of experience in international democracy support: Implications for supporting democratic change in North AfricaBurnell, Peter
2011 Tourism and economic growth: African evidence from panel vector autoregressive frameworkSeetanah, Boopen / Padachi, Kessevan / Rojid, Sawkut
2011 A new fiscal pact, tax policy changes and income inequality: Latin America during the last decadeCornia, Giovanni Andrea / Gómez-Sabaini, Juan Carlos / Martorano, Bruno
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