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DateTitle Authors
2007 Modelling payments systems: A review of the literatureChiu, Jonathan / Lai, Alexandra
2007 Computing optimal policy in a timeless-perspective: An application to a small-open economyJuillard, Michel / Pelgrin, Florian
2007 World real interest rates: A global savings and investment perspectiveDesroches, Brigitte / Francis, Michael
2007 Electronic transactions as high-frequency indicators of economic activityGalbraith, John W. / Tkacz, Greg
2007 Optimization in a simulation setting: Use of function approximation in debt strategy analysisBolder, David Jamieson / Rubin, Tiago
2007 Best instruments for market discipline in bankingCaldwell, Greg
2007 Term structure transmission of monetary policyKozicki, Sharon / Tinsley, P. A.
2007 Do we need the IMF to resolve a crisis? Lessons from past episodes of debt restructuringMaier, Philipp
2007 Time-consistent control in non-linear modelsAmbler, Steve / Pelgrin, Florian
2007 Endogenously segmented asset market in an inventory theoretic model of money demandChiu, Jonathan
2007 Housing market cycles and duration dependence in the United States and CanadaCunningham, Rose / Kolet, Ilan
2007 Examining simple joint macroeconomic and term-structure models: A practitioner's perspectiveBolder, David Jamieson / Liu, Shudan
2007 Order aggressiveness and quantity: How are they determinted in a limit order market?Lo, Ingrid / Sapp, Stephen G.
2007 Monetary policy committees in action: Is there room for improvement?Maier, Philipp
2007 Impact of electronic trading platforms on the brokered interdealer market for Government of Canada benchmark bondsKhan, Natasha
2007 Exchange rate regimes, globalisation, and the cost of capital in emerging marketsDiez de los Rios, Antonio
2007 Implications of asymmetry risk for portfolio analysis and asset pricingChabi-Yo, Fousseni / Leisen, Dietmar / Renault, Eric
2007 Multilateral adjustment and exchange rate dynamics: The case of three commodity currenciesBailliu, Jeannine / Dib, Ali / Kano, Takashi / Schembri, Lawrence
2007 Family values: Ownership structure, performance and capital structure of Canadian firmsKing, Michael R. / Santor, Eric
2007 Estimating and comparing the implied cost of equity for Canadian and US firmsWitmer, Jonathan / Zorn, Lorie
2007 Gold prices and inflationTkacz, Greg
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