8th Asia-Pacific Regional ITS Conference, Taipei 2011

This collection contains papers of the

8th Asia-Pacific Regional ITS Conference
Taipei, 26-28 June, 2011

"Convergence in the Digital Age"

The theme of the 2011 conference focuses on key issues of the day such as the infrastructure of converged markets, digital content and social networking services, network neutrality, as well as the strategies and management of the converged services, etc.

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2011 A layered and nuanced assessment of network neutrality rationalesFrieden, Rob
2011 "Please hold for your connection": Determining points of interconnection for open access broadbandNicholls, Rob
2011 User preference for fixed vs. mobile internet regarding quality of service: Its implications on mobile network neutralityJitsuzumi, Toshiya
2011 Assisted digital storytelling and scientific concept development: A study on preschool children of foreign marriage familiesHsu, Cheng; Wu, Chia-Pei; Nguyen, Hoang-Linh
2011 Global emergency telecommunication service on global emergency telecommunication platform with global crisis management schemeTada, Hiroyuki
2011 Are Social Networking Sites (SNS) effective platforms for political engagement?van Jaarsveldt, Leon
2011 Media fusion and future TV: Examining multi-screen TV convergence in SingaporeLin, Trisha T. C.
2011 Does the net neutrality really preserve the open internet? A critique from the implications of broadband policyYeh, Chih-Liang
2011 The tyranny of distance prevails: HTTP protocol latency and returns to fast fibre internet access network deployment in remote economiesObren, Mark; Howell, Bronwyn
2011 How can we use mobile apps for disaster communications in Taiwan: Problems and possible practiceSung, Sz Jie
2011 Examining the relationship of communication service utilisation and productivity of labour in the developing country: A case study of ThailandKeesookpuna, Chutipong; Mitomob, Hitoshi
2011 How motivations of SNSs use and offline social trust affect college students' self-disclosure on SNSs: An investigation in ChinaWeiwei, Zhang; Peiyi, Huang
2011 Regulations and media literacy education on online sexual information: A Japanese perspectiveWatanabe, Mayuko
2011 Multi-use of urban infrastructure: Wireless light curried digital communication based on LED street lightingMiyair, Kantaro; Matsuda, Shunsuke
2011 Overview of the charging situation for digital contents in Japan: From the viewpoint of compensation for private sound and visual recordingKato, Naonori; Nogawa, Hiroki; Ueda, Masahi
2011 Effects of narcissism, leisure boredom, and gratifications sought on user-generated content among net-generation usersDamon, Chi-Him Poona; Louis, Wing-Chi Leung
2011 Research and action agenda for a national broadband initiative in IndiaJain, Rekha; Dass, Rajanish
2011 User behaviors toward mobile video adoption in Taiwan: A qualitative studyLee, Jia-Ling
2011 Surfing mobile internet motivated by fashion attentiveness: An empirical study of mobile internet use in ChinaWang, Chengjun
2011 A successful model of regional healthcare information exchange in Japan: Case Study in Kagawa PrefectureYamakata, Daisuke; Nogawa, Hiroki; Ueda, Masashi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40
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