Discussion Papers, Abteilung Marktprozesse und Steuerung, WZB

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Sabotage in dynamic tournamentsGürtler, Oliver; Münster, Johannes
2009 An experimental investigation of Colonel Blotto gamesChowdhury, Subhasish M.; Kovenock, Dan; Sheremeta, Roman M.
2009 Non-partisan 'Get-out-the-vote' efforts and policy outcomesKovenock, Dan; Roberson, Brian
2009 The last refuge of a scoundrel? Patriotism and tax complianceKonrad, Kai A.; Qari, Salmai
2009 Patriotism, taxation and international mobilityQari, Salmai; Konrad, Kai A.; Geys, Benny
2009 Mercenaries in civil wars, 1950-2000Chojnacki, Sven; Metternich, Nils; Münster, Johannes
2009 Voter involvement, fiscal autonomy and public sector efficiency: evidence from German municipalitiesGeys, Benny; Heinemann, Friedrich; Kalb, Alexander
2009 Contests with rank-order spilloversBaye, Michael R.; Kovenock, Dan; Vries, Casper G. de
2009 Coalition politics and accountabilityKiss, Áron
2009 Information acquisition in conflictsMorath, Florian; Münster, Johannes
2008 Love and taxes - and matching institutionsKonrad, Kai A.; Lommerud, Kjell Erik
2008 The future of fiscal federalismTanzi, Vito
2008 Competition for FDI with vintage investment and agglomeration advantagesKonrad, Kai A.; Kovenock, Dan
2008 Repeated contests with asymmetric informationMünster, Johannes
2008 Is the 50-state strategy optimal?Kovenock, Dan; Roberson, Brian
2008 The political cost of taxation: new evidence from German popularity ratingsGeys, Benny; Vermeir, Jan
2008 Group contest success functionsMünster, Johannes
2008 Inefficient redistribution and inefficient redistributive politicsKovenock, Dan; Roberson, Brian
2008 Non-binding minimum taxes may foster tax competitionKonrad, Kai A.
2008 Coalitional Colonel Blotto games with application to the economics of alliancesKovenock, Dan; Roberson, Brian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 95
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