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DateTitle Authors
2002 Science in formerly socialist countries: asset or liability within new societal conditions?Meske, Werner
2000 Vietnam's research and development system in the 1990s. Structural and functional change. Research report
1999 Where do the actants, mangles come from?Gläser, Jochen / Laudel, Grit
1999 Theoriegeleitete Textanalyse? Das Potential einer variablenorientierten qualitativen InhaltsanalyseGläser, Jochen / Laudel, Grit
1998 Kognitive Neuorientierung der ostdeutschen außeruniversitären Grundlagenforschung als Folge des InstitutionentransfersGläser, Jochen
1998 What are institutional boundaries and how can they be overcome? Germany's collaborative research centres as boundary-spanning networksLaudel, Grit / Gläser, Jochen
1998 Institutional transformation of S&T systems in the European economies in transition: comparative analysisMeske, Werner