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DateTitle Authors
1998 Economic Growth and Verdoorn's Law in the Spanish Regions, 1962-1991Leon-Ledesma, Miguel A.
1998 The Comparison Between Ad Valorem and Specific Taxation under Imperfect Competition: Evidence from the European Cigarette IndustryDelipalla, Sophia / O'Donnell, Owen
1998 Takeover Risk and the Market for Corporate Control: The Experience of British Firms in the 1970s and 1980sDickerson, Andrew P. / Gibson, Heather D. / Tsakalotos, Euclid
1998 Happiness in Transition: The Case of KyrgyzstanNamazie, Ceema / Sanfey, Peter
1998 Road Accidents and Traffic Flows: An Econometric InvestigationDickerson, Andrew / Peirson, John / Vickerman, Roger
1998 The Sephardim Diaspora: A Model of Forced Migration and ConfiscationFaria, Joao Ricardo
1998 The Impact of Unions on Wages in Brazilian ManufacturingArbache, Jorge Saba
1998 What Do We Know About Investment Under Uncertainty?Carruth, Alan / Dickerson, Andy / Henley, Andrew
1998 The Determinants of Official and Free-Market Exchange Rates in Albania During TransitionMuco, Marta / Papapanagos, Harry / Sanfey, Peter
1998 Is the Efficiency Wage Hypothesis Valid for Developing Countries? Evidence from the Turkish Cement IndustrySaygili, Seref
1998 A Pedagogical Note on the Long Run of Macro Economic ModelsMcAdam, Peter
1998 Intention to Emigrate in Transition Countries: The Case of AlbaniaPapapanagos, Harry / Sanfey, Peter
1998 The Value of SkillsGreen, Francis
1998 A 'Second Edition' of Keynes's General TheoryThirlwall, Anthony Philip
1998 The Effect of Disability on Employment Allowing for Work IncapacityO'Donnell, Owen
1998 How do Economic Reforms affect the Structure of Wages? The Case of Brazilian Manufacturing, 1984-1996Arbache, Jorge Saba
1998 Supervision and Effort in an Intertemporal Efficiency Wage Model: The Role of the Solow ConditionFaria, João Ricardo
1998 Charles Kennedy 1923-1997: An AppreciationThirlwall, A.P.
1998 Commodity Taxes, Wage Determination and ProfitsDelipalla, Sophia / Sanfey, Peter
1998 Econometric Modelling of UK Aggregate Investment: The Role of Profits and UncertaintyCarruth, Alan / Dickerson, Andy / Henley, Andrew
1998 The Endogeneity of the Natural Rate of GrowthLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A. / Thirlwall, A. P.
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