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DateTitle Authors
2000 Trade liberalisation and export performance in selected developing countriesSantos-Paulino, Amelia U.
2000 The intertemporal substitution model of labor supply in an open economyFaria, João Ricardo / León-Ledesma, Miguel
2000 Commodity taxes, wage determination and profitsDelipalla, Sophia / Sanfey, Peter
2000 Money demand, PPP and macroeconomic dynamics in a small developing economySánchez-Fung, José R.
2000 The returns to education and training: Evidence from the Malysian family life surveyChung, Tsung-Ping
2000 R&D spillovers and export performance: Evidence from the OECD countriesLeón-Ledesma, Miguel
2000 Is low inflation and precondition for faster growth? The case of South AfricaNell, Kevin S.
2000 Testing the Balassa-Samuelson effect: Implications for growth and PPPFaria, João Ricardo / León-Ledesma, Miguel
2000 A picture of wage inequality and the allocation of labour through a period of trade liberalisation: The case of BrazilGreen, Francis / Dickerson, Andy / Arbache, Jorge Saba
2000 The UK wage curve: New evidence from the British household panel surveyCollier, Bill
2001 Assessing the stability of the inter-industry wage structure in the face of radical economic reformsArbache, Jorge Saba / Dickerson, Andrew / Green, Francis
2001 Rent-seeking and quota regulation of a renewable resourceBergland, Harald / Clark, Derek J. / Pedersen, Pål Andreas
2001 The role of education in self-employment successKangasharju, Aki / Pekkala, Sari
2001 Do male bosses underestimate their female subordintates' skills? A comparison of employees' and line managers' perceptions of job skillsGreen, Francis / James, Donna / Pedersen, Pål Andreas
2001 Rates of return to schooling and the quality of education in England and WalesCampbell, David
2001 An analysis of subjective views of job insecurityGreen, Francis / Dickerson, Andrew / Carruth, Alan / Campbell, David
2001 Income redistribution and access to innovations in health careGarcía-Alonso, María del Carmen / O'Donnell, Owen
2001 Fiscal consolidation and the probability distribution of deficits: A stochastic analysis of the stability pactHughes Hallett, Andrew / McAdam, Peter
2001 International migration and the role of remittances in Eastern EuropeLeón-Ledesma, Miguel / Piracha, Matloob
2001 A game theoretical approach to road safetyPedersen, Pål Andreas
2001 Estimating the wage effects of job mobility in BritainCampbell, David
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