Discussion Papers, Abteilung Sozialstruktur und Sozialberichterstattung, WZB

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Korruption in Bewerberländern zur Europäischen Union: Institutionenqualität und Korruption in vergleichender PerspektiveDelhey, Jan
2002 Who trusts? The origins of social trust in seven nationsDelhey, Jan; Newton, Kenneth
2002 Zur Entwicklung der privaten Altersvorsorge: Vorsorgebereitschaft, Vorsorgeniveau und erwartete Absicherung im AlterBulmahn, Thomas
2002 Entwicklungen der deutschen Lebensqualität - die Bundesländer im VergleichHuschka, Denis
2001 Why social policy needs subjective indicatorsVeenhoven, Ruut
2001 Patterns of popular support for the welfare state: a comparison of the United Kingdom and GermanyMau, Steffen
2001 Nothing left to lose? Poverty and social exclusion in comparison. Empirical evidence on GermanyBöhnke, Petra
2001 Social cleavages and political conflicts in the contemporary Czech societyMachonin, Pavel
2001 The Euromodule: a new instrument for comparative welfare researchDelhey, Jan; Böhnke, Petra; Habich, Roland; Zapf, Wolfgang
2001 Reporting on social exclusion: standard of living and social participation in Hungary, Spain, and GermanyBöhnke, Petra
2001 The prospects of catching up for new EU members: lessons for the accession countries to the European Union from previous enlargementsDelhey, Jan
2000 Modernity and happiness: The case of GermanyBulmahn, Thomas
2000 Understanding regime support in new democracies: does politics really matter more than economics?Delhey, Jan; Tobsch, Verena
2000 How to evaluate German unification?Zapf, Wolfgang
1999 New structures of inequality: some trends of social change in modernized societiesNoll, Heinz-Herbert
1999 Wohnsuburbanisierung am Beispiel Berlin: Ein ErklärungsrahmenHinrichs, Wilhelm
1999 Entwicklung der Wohnverhältnisse in Ost- und Westdeutschland in den neunziger JahrenHinrichs, Wilhelm
1999 Lebensstandard und Armut im vereinten DeutschlandBöhnke, Petra; Delhey, Jan
1999 Inequality and attitudes: postcommunism, western capitalism and beyondDelhey, Jan
1999 Income dynamics in three societies: an investigation of social dynamics using old and new types of social indicatorsSpéder, Zsolt; Habich, Roland
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45
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