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DateTitle Authors
2015 How to cope with (new) uncertainties: A bounded rationality approachGüth, Werner / Kliemt, Hartmut
2015 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertaintyVermeulen, Ben / Pyka, Andreas
2015 Knightian uncertainty and stock-price movements: Why the REH present-value model failed empiricallyFrydman, Roman / Goldberg, Michael D. / Mangee, Nicholas
2015 Decision making in times of Knightian uncertainty: An info-gap perspectiveBen-Haim, Yakov / Demertzis, Maria
2015 Decision-making under radical uncertainty: An interpretation of Keynes' TreatiseMarsay, David
2015 Gendered economic policy making: The case of public expenditures on family allowancesOzdamar, Oznur
2015 Uncertainty: A diagrammatic treatmentDow, Sheila
2015 Field experimental evidence on gender discrimination in hiring: Biased as Heckman and Siegelman predicted?Baert, Stijn
2015 Choice of foreign R&D entry mode and impact on firm performance: A firm-level analysis for Switzerland and AustriaHollenstein, Heinz / Berger, Martin
2015 The economics of radical uncertaintyOrmerod, Paul
2015 Radical uncertainty: Sources, manifestations and implicationsMüller, Christian
2015 Taxation and fiscal expenditure in a growth model with endogenous fertilitySedgley, Norman / Elmslie, Bruce
2015 Regional estimates of multidimensional poverty in IndiaDehury, Bidyadhar / Mohanty, Sanjay K.
2015 Bias and methodological change in economic sanction reconsideredvan Bergeijk, Peter A. G. / Siddiquee, Muhammad Shahadat Hossain
2015 Imported inputs and Egyptian exports: Exploring the linksParra, María Dolores / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2015 On the size of sheepskin effects: A meta-analysisMora Rodríguez, Jhon James / Muro, Juan
2015 The role of lenders' trust in determining borrowing conditions for sovereign debt: An analysis of one-period government bonds with default riskGuo, Yanling
2015 The growth effects of R&D spending in the EU: A meta-analysisKokko, Ari / Tingvall, Patrik Gustavsson / Videnord, Josefin
2015 Bayesian averaging vs. dynamic factor models for forecasting economic aggregates with tendency survey dataBialowolski, Piotr / Kuszewski, Tomasz / Witkowski, Bartosz
2015 The export-productivity link for Brazilian manufacturing firmsCirera, Xavier / Lederman, Daniel / Máñez, Juan A. / Rochina, María E. / Sanchis, Juan A.
2015 Modelling bank asset quality and profitability: An empirical assessmentSwamy, Vighneswara
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