Diskussionsbeiträge des Centrums für Interdisziplinäre Wirtschaftsforschung, WWU Münster

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Social market economy: Towards a comprehensive composite indexHelfer, Helena
2015 Überschätzen sich Schüler?Schleithoff, Fabian
2015 Autocracy and the public: Mass revolts, winning coalitions, and policy control in dictatorshipsApolte, Thomas
2015 Abused rebels and winning coalitions: Regime change under the pressure of rebellionsApolte, Thomas
2015 Youth bulges, insurrections, and politico-economic institutions: Theory and empirical evidenceApolte, Thomas; Gerling, Lena
2015 Gordon Tullock's theory of dictatorship and revolutionApolte, Thomas
2014 Sensitivity of economists during market allocationSuttner, Johannes R.
2014 Youth bulges, insurrections, and politico-economic institutionsApolte, Thomas
2014 Maternity leave and its consequences for subsequent careers in GermanyFranz, Nele
2013 Zur Ethik von Rankings im Hochschulwesen: Eine Betrachtung aus ökonomischer PerspektiveMüller, Harry
2013 Which qualifications does a minister of the German Federal Government need to be reoccupied?Scharfenkamp, Katrin
2013 The supply of democracy explaining voluntary democratic transitionApolte, Thomas
2013 Income comparisons, income adaptation, and life satisfaction: How robust are estimates from survey data?Pfaff, Tobias
2013 Testing the Easterlin hypothesis with panel data: The dynamic relationship between life satisfaction and economic growth in Germany and in the UKPfaff, Tobias; Hirata, Johannes
2013 Unkonventionelle Geldpolitik: Warum die Europäische Zentralbank ihre Unabhängigkeit nicht verloren hatSchwäbe, Carsten
2012 An empirical study of the limits and perspectives of institutional transfersMöller, Marie
2012 Wie (un-)fair sind Ökonomen? Neue empirische Evidenz zur Marktbewertung und RationalitätRuske, René; Suttner, Johannes
2012 Toward a more general approach to political stability in comparative political systemsApolte, Thomas
2011 Gefangen im Dilemma? Ein strategischer Ansatz der Wahl- und RevolutionsteilnahmeMöller, Marie
2011 Das "Bruttonationalglück" als Leitlinie der Politik in Bhutan – eine ordnungspolitische AnalysePfaff, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29
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