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DateTitle Authors
2013 The current and future value of nature-based tourism in the Eastern Arc Mountains of TanzaniaBayliss, Julian / Schaafsma, Marije / Balmford, Andrew / Burgess, Neil D. / Green, Jonathan M. H. / Madoffe, Seif S. / Okayasu, Sana / Peh, Kelvin S.-H. / Platts, Philip J. / Yu, Douglas W.
2012 Ecosystem services conceptual foundations: A briefing noteTurner, Kerry
2012 Using revealed preferences to estimate the value of travel time to recreation sitesFezzi, Carlo / Bateman, Ian / Ferrini, Silvia
2012 Mapping NTFP collection in Tanzania: A comparison of surveysSchaafsma, Marije
2012 Integrated and spatially explicit modelling of the economic value of complex environmental change and its indirect effectsBateman, Ian / Binner, Amy / Coombes, Emma / Day, Brett / Ferrini, Silvia / Fezzi, Carlo / Hutchins, Michael / Posen, Paulette
2012 Non-linear effects and aggregation bias in Ricardian models of climate changeFezzi, Carlo / Bateman, Ian
2012 Economic assessment of the recreational value of ecosystems in Great BritainSen, Antara / Darnell, A. / Bateman, Ian / Munday, P. / Crowe, A. / Brander, L. / Raychaudhuri, J. / Lovett, A. / Provins, A. / Foden, J.
2011 Environmental policy discourse and its material objects: Bridging the gap with 'modest realism'Galvin, Ray
2011 Pro-environmental interaction: Engaging Goffman on pro-environmental behaviour changeHargreaves, Tom
2011 Community innovation for sustainable energyHielscher, Sabine / Seyfang, Gill / Smith, Adrian
2011 Sustainability transitions from the bottom-up: Civil society, the multi-level perspective and practice theoryHargreaves, Tom / Haxeltine, Alex / Longhurst, Noel / Seyfang, Gill