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DateTitle Authors
2015 Good enough! Are socially responsible companies the more successful environmental innovators?Reif, Christiane / Rexhäuser, Sascha
2015 Women on the board and executive duration: Evidence for European listed firmsBuchwald, Achim / Hottenrott, Hanna
2015 Vote buying or (political) business (cycles) as usual?Aidt, Toke / Asatryan, Zareh / Badalyan, Lusine / Heinemann, Friedrich
2015 Does exchange of information between tax authorities influence multinationals' use of tax havens?Braun, Julia / Weichenrieder, Alfons
2015 The effect of electricity taxation on the German manufacturing sector: A regression discontinuity approachFlues, Florens / Lutz, Benjamin Johannes
2015 Taxing investments in the Asia-Pacific region: The importance of cross-border taxation and tax incentivesWiedemann, Verena / Finke, Katharina
2015 Peeling the onion: Analyzing aggregate, national and sectoral energy intensity in the European UnionLöschel, Andreas / Pothen, Frank / Schymura, Michael
2015 Social implications of green growth policies from the perspective of energy sector reform and its impact on householdsHeindl, Peter / Löschel, Andreas
2015 Dokumentation zur Innovationserhebung 2014: Innovationen mit Bezug zur Energiewende, Finanzierung von InnovationenRammer, Christian / Peters, Bettina
2015 Fiskalische und individuelle Bildungsrenditen: Aktuelle Befunde für DeutschlandPfeiffer, Friedhelm / Stichnoth, Holger
2015 Minimum participation rules in international environmental agreements: Empirical evidence from a survey among delegates in international climate negotiationsKesternich, Martin
2015 Individual versus institutional ownership of university-discovered inventionsCzarnitzki, Dirk / Doherr, Thorsten / Hussinger, Katrin / Schliessler, Paula / Toole, Andrew A.
2015 Higher taxes, more evasion? Evidence from border differentials in TV license feesBerger, Melissa / Fellner-Röhling, Gerlinde / Sausgruber, Rupert / Traxler, Christian
2015 China's R&D explosion: Analyzing productivity effects across ownership types and over timeBoeing, Philipp / Mueller, Elisabeth / Sandner, Philipp
2015 A note on how to realize the full potential of the EU-SILC dataBerger, Melissa / Schaffner, Sandra
2015 Final report on marginal abatement cost curves for the evaluation of the market stability reserveLandis, Florian
2015 The impact of alternative public policies on the deployment of new communications infrastructure: A surveyBriglauer, Wolfgang / Frübing, Stefan / Vogelsang, Ingo
2015 How do drug prices respond to a change from external to internal reference pricing? Evidence from a Danish regulatory reformKaiser, Ulrich / Mendez, Susan J.
2015 Individual determinants of inventor productivity: Report and preliminary results with evidence from linked human capital and patent dataFrosch, Katharina / Harhoff, Dietmar / Hoisl, Karin / Steinle, Christian / Zwick, Thomas
2015 Candidate screening for the recruitment of critical research and development workers: A report and preliminary results with evidence from experimental data from German high-tech firmsFrosch, Katharina / Harhoff, Dietmar / Hoisl, Karin / Steinle, Christian / Zwick, Thomas
2014 Susceptibility and influence in social media word-of-mouthClaussen, Jörg / Engelstätter, Benjamin / Ward, Michael R.
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