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DateTitle Authors
2014 Outperforming IMF forecasts by the use of leading indicatorsDrechsel, Katja / Giesen, Sebastian / Lindner, Axel
2014 Fiscal equalization, tax salience, and tax competitionAltemeyer-Bartscher, Martin
2014 Technological activities in CEE countries: A patent analysis for the period 1980-2009Dominguez Lacasa, Iciar / Giebler, Alexander
2014 Exploring the evolution of innovation networks in science-driven and scale-intensive industries: New evidence from a stochastic actor-based approachBuchmann, Tobias / Hain, Daniel / Kudic, Muhamed / Müller, Matthias
2013 Changing forces of gravity: How the crisis affected international bankingBuch, Claudia M. / Neugebauer, Katja / Schröder, Christoph
2013 Granularity in banking and growth: Does financial openness matter?Bremus, Franziska / Buch, Claudia M.
2013 Towards deeper financial integration in Europe: What the banking union can contributeBuch, Claudia M. / Körner, Tobias / Weigert, Benjamin
2013 Determinants of foreign technological activity in German regions: A count model analysis of transnational patents (1996-2009)Dettmann, Eva / Dominguez Lacasa, Iciar / Günther, Jutta / Jindra, Björn
2013 Transaktionskosten und Fachkräftewerbung: Ein Erklärungsansatz auf Grundlage der InstitutionenökonomikSiegert, Andreas / Buscher, Herbert S. / Ohliger, Rainer
2013 Network formation: R&D cooperation propensity and timing among German laser source manufacturersKudic, Muhamed / Pyka, Andreas / Sunder, Marco
2013 Flight patterns and yields of European Government Bondsvon Schweinitz, Gregor
2013 Bottom-up or direct? Forecasting German GDP in a data-rich environmentDrechsel, Katja / Scheufele, Rolf
2013 Effects of incorrect specification on the finite sample properties of full and limited information estimators in DSGE modelsGiesen, Sebastian / Scheufele, Rolf
2013 Grant dependence, regulation and the effects of formula-based grant systems on German local governments: A data report for Saxony-AnhaltHaug, Peter
2013 Does partner type matter in R&D collaboration for environmental innovation?Pippel, Gunnar
2013 Cooperation events, ego-network characteristics and firm innovativeness: Empirical evidence from the German laser industryKudic, Muhamed / Guhr, Katja
2013 Natural-resource or market-seeking FDI in Russia? An empirical study of locational factors affecting the regional distribution of FDI entriesGonchar, Ksenia / Marek, Philipp
2013 Vertical grants and local public efficiencyBischoff, Ivo / Bönisch, Peter / Haug, Peter / Illy, Annette
2013 R&D co-operation in European post-transition economiesGauselmann, Andrea
2012 Efficiency in the UK commercial property market: A long-run perspectiveDevaney, Steven / Holtemöller, Oliver / Schulz, Rainer
2012 Klimawandel und betriebliche InnovationsprozesseEhrenfeld, Wilfried
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