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DateTitle Authors
2014 Government Ideology, Globalization, and Top Income Shares in OECD CountriesSchinke, Christoph
2014 Explosive Target balances of the German BundesbankPotrafke, Niklas / Reischmann, Markus
2014 Bilateral Trade and Similarity of Income Distributions: The Role of Second MomentsEppinger, Peter S. / Felbermayr, Gabriel J.
2014 Pigou Meets Ramsey: Gender-Based Taxation with Non-Cooperative CouplesMeier, Volker / Rainer, Helmut
2014 Forecasting employment in Europe: Are survey results helpful?Lehmann, Robert / Weyh, Antje
2014 The Structure of the German EconomyBenz, Sebastian / Larch, Mario / Zimmer, Markus
2014 Das FAZ-Ökonomenranking 2013: Eine kritische BetrachtungWohlrabe, Klaus
2014 On the Rationality of Medium-Term Tax Revenue Forecasts: Evidence from GermanyBreuer, Christian
2014 Was bringt uns die große Koalition? Perspektiven der WirtschaftspolitikKauder, Björn / Larin, Benjamin / Potrafke, Niklas
2014 Donations, risk attitudes and time preferences: A study on altruism in primary school childrenAngerer, Silvia / Glätzle-Rützler, Daniela / Lergetporer, Philipp / Sutter, Matthias
2014 Staatsverschuldung in Extrahaushalten: Historischer Überblick und Implikationen für die Schuldenbremse in DeutschlandReischmann, Markus
2014 Ökonometrische Methoden zur Evaluierung kausaler Effekte der WirtschaftspolitikKugler, Franziska / Schwerdt, Guido / Wößmann, Ludger
2014 Trade in Ideas: Outsourcing and Knowledge SpilloversBenz, Sebastian / Larch, Mario / Zimmer, Markus
2014 ECB Collateral Criteria: A Narrative Database 2001–2013Eberl, Jakob / Weber, Christopher
2013 Job Satisfaction and Self-Selection into the Public or Private Sector: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentDanzer, Natalia
2013 Forecasting gross value-added at the regional level: Are sectoral disaggregated predictions superior to direct ones?Lehmann, Robert / Wohlrabe, Klaus
2013 Optimal higher education enrollment and productivity externalities in a two-sector modelMeier, Volker / Schiopu, Ioana
2013 High Wage Workers and High Wage PeersBattisti, Michele
2013 The Impact of Broadband on Economic Activity in Rural Areas: Evidence from German MunicipalitiesFabritz, Nadine
2013 Should We Care that They Care? Grandchild Care and Its Impact on Grandparent HealthReinkowski, Janina
2013 Dimensions of macroeconomic uncertainty: A common factor analysisHenzel, Steffen / Rengel, Malte
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