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DateTitle Authors
2013 High Wage Workers and High Wage PeersBattisti, Michele
2013 The Impact of Broadband on Economic Activity in Rural Areas: Evidence from German MunicipalitiesFabritz, Nadine
2013 Should We Care that They Care? Grandchild Care and Its Impact on Grandparent HealthReinkowski, Janina
2013 Dimensions of macroeconomic uncertainty: A common factor analysisHenzel, Steffen / Rengel, Malte
2013 Evidence on the political principal-agent problem fromvoting on public finance for concert hallsPotrafke, Niklas
2013 The Development of Renewable Energies and Supply Security: A Trade-Off AnalysisRöpke, Luise
2013 Embodied Technology Diffusionand Sectoral Productivity: Evidence for 12 OECD CountriesStrobel, Thomas
2013 Minority positions in the German Council of Economic Experts: A political economic analysisPotrafke, Niklas
2013 Government ideology and tuition fee policy: Evidence from the German statesKauder, Björn / Potrafke, Niklas
2013 The size and scope of government in the US states: Does party ideology matter?Bjørnskov, Christian / Potrafke, Niklas
2013 How does relationship banking influence credit financing? Evidence from the financial crisisHainz, Christa / Wiegand, Manuel
2013 Individual Wage Growth: The Role of Industry ExperienceBattisti, Michele
2013 Does Expanding Public Child Care Encourage Fertility? County-Level Evidence from GermanyBauernschuster, Stefan / Hener, Timo / Rainer, Helmut
2013 The Structure of Europe: International Input-Output Analysis with Trade inIntermediate Inputs and Capital FlowsBenz, Sebastian / Larch, Mario / Zimmer, Markus
2013 Globalization and Labor Market Institutions: International Empirical EvidencePotrafke, Niklas
2013 The Effects of Early Tracking on Student Performance: Evidence from a School Reform in BavariaPiopiunik, Marc
2013 Point and Density Forecasts for the Euro Area Using Many Predictors: Are Large BVARs Really Superior?Berg, Tim Oliver / Henzel, Steffen
2013 Labeling Effects of Child Benefits on Family SavingsHener, Timo
2012 Wage Compensations Due to Risk Aversion and Skewness Affection: German EvidenceNagl, Wolfgang
2012 The Impact of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures on Market Entry and Trade FlowsCrivelli, Pramila / Gröschl, Jasmin
2012 Preferences for Redistribution among Emigrantsfrom a Welfare StateKauppinen, Ilpo / Poutvaara, Panu
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