GIGA Working Papers

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2017 The politics of institutional reform and post-conflict violence in NepalStrasheim, Julia
2017 The ambivalent role of religion for sustainable development: A review of the empirical evidenceBasedau, Matthias; Gobien, Simone; Prediger, Sebastian
2016 Agua, democratización ambiental y fronteras extractivas en ColombiaRoa García, María Cecilia
2016 Fleeing the peace? Determinants of outward migration after civil warHaaß, Felix; Kurtenbach, Sabine; Strasheim, Julia
2016 International alignment between interests and ideology: The case of China's partnership diplomacyStrüver, Georg
2016 Die regionalen Ambitionen Marokkos in Westafrika: Strategie - Aktivitäten - ErfolgsbilanzMattes, Hanspeter
2016 The consequences of appointment policies for court legitimacy in Benin: A network analysis approachStroh, Alexander
2016 Brutalisation as a survival strategy: How the "Islamic State" is prolonging its doomsday battleRosiny, Stephan
2016 If you can't include them, exclude them: Countering the Arab uprisings in Algeria and JordanJosua, Maria
2016 Does size matter? The productivity of government: Expenditures and the size of states: Evidence from IndiaHaasnoot, Cornelis W.
2016 Domestic explanations for war and peace in UkraineStrasheim, Julia
2016 Institutionalising civilian control of the military in new democracies: Theory and evidence from South KoreaKuehn, David
2016 Non-contributory social transfer programmes in developing countries: A new data set and research agendaDodlova, Marina; Giolbas, Anna; Lay, Jann
2016 Gender politics, authoritarian regime resilience, and the role of civil society in Algeria and MozambiqueLorch, Jasmin; Bunk, Bettina
2016 Regional power transitions: Lessons from the Southern ConeSchenoni, Luis Leandro
2016 Honduras as a complex adaptive system and what it means for the European Union: The case of violenceLehmann, Kai Enno
2016 Do associations support authoritarian rule? Tentative answers from Algeria, Mozambique, and VietnamWischermann, Jörg; Bunk, Bettina; Köllner, Patrick; Lorch, Jasmin
2015 Power-sharing in Bahrain: A still-absent debateBusafwan, Abbas; Rosiny, Stephan
2015 Polyarchies, competitive oligarchies, or inclusive hegemonies? 23 global intergovernmental organizations comparedLopes, Dawisson Belém
2015 SMARTer indicators for decent work in a post-2015 development agenda: A discussion and a proposalOstermeier, Martin; Linde, Sarah; Lay, Jann; Prediger, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 281
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