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DateTitle Authors
1995 TAXBEN: the IFS microsimulation tax and benefit modelGiles, Chris / McCrae, Julian
1997 Non-parametric Engel curves and revealed preferencesBlundell, Richard / Browning, Martin / Crawford, Ian
1997 What drives support for higher public spending?Brook, Lindsay / Hall, John / Preston, Ian
1997 The distribution of discrimination in immigrant earnings - evidence from Britain 1974-1993Denny, Kevin / Harmon, Colm / Roche, Maurice
1997 Moment conditions for dynamic panel data models with multiplicative individual effects in the conditional varianceMeghir, Costas / Windmeijer, Frank
1998 Ability, families, education and earnings in BritainDearden, Lorraine
1998 Efficiency comparisons for a system GMM estimator in dynamic panel data modelsWindmeijer, Frank
1998 The impact of expenditure limitations on local government spending: evidence from the United KingdomEmmerson, Carl / Hall, John / Ridge, Michael
1998 The taxation of discrete investment choicesDevereux, Michael / Griffith, Rachel
1998 Labour supply: a review of alternative approachesBlundell, Richard / MaCurdy, Thomas
1998 Public and private choice in UK health insuranceHall, John / Preston, Ian
1999 Export Market Performance of OECD countries: an empirical examination of the role of cost competitivenessCarlin, Wendy / Glyn, Andrew / Reenen, John Van
1999 Valuing qualityBlow, Laura / Crawford, Ian
1999 Worker displacement in France and GermanyBender, Stefan / Dustmann, Christian / Margolis, David / Meghir, Costas
1999 Assessing the effect of schooling on earnings using a social experimentMeghir, Costas / Palme, MÃ¥rten
1999 Individual effects and dynamics in count data modelsBlundell, Richard / Griffith, Rachel / Windmeijer, Frank
1999 Empirical patterns of firm growth and R&D investment: a quality ladder model interpretationGriliches, Zvi / Klette, Tor Jakob
1999 Productivity and foreign ownership in the UK car industryGriffith, Rachel
1999 Self-insurance and unemployment benefit in a life-cycle model of labour supply and savingsLow, Hamish
1999 Nonparametric tests of stochastic dominance in bivariate distributions, with an application to UK dataCrawford, Ian
1999 Interpreting aggregate wage growthBlundell, Richard / Reed, Howard / Stoker, Thomas
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