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2015 Mining and local corruption in AfricaKotsadam, Andreas; Olsen, Eivind Hammersmark; Knutsen, Carl Henrik; Wig, Tore
2015 Economic perspectives on DEAFørsund, Finn R.
2015 Evaluating intergenerational risks: Probabillity adjusted rank-discounted utilitarianismAsheim, Geir B.; Zuber, Stéphane
2015 Persistence, signal-noise pattern and heterogeneity in panel data: With an application to the impact of foreign direct investment on GDPBiørn, Erik; Han, Xuehui
2015 Did US consumers 'save for a rainy day' before the Great Recession?Anundsen, Andre K.; Nymore, Ragnar
2015 The dynamics of linking permit marketsHoltsmark, Katinka; Midttømme, Kristoffer
2015 Public education and pensions in democracy: A political economy theoryLancia, Francesco; Russo, Alessia
2015 Natural resources and sovereign expropriationFridrik Mar Baldursson; von der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M.
2015 Environmental effects of a vehicle tax reform: Empirical evidence from NorwayCiccone, Alice
2015 The economics of trafficking for sexual exploitationJakobsson, Niklas; Kotsadam, Andreas
2015 Catastrophes and expected marginal utility: How the value of the last fish in a lake is infinity and why we shouldn't care (much)Nævdal, Eric
2014 Skewed norms under peer pressure: Formation and collapseMichaeli, Moti; Spiro, Daniel
2014 Resource prices and planning horizonsSpiro, Daniel
2014 Uninsurance through tradeGars, Johan; Spiro, Daniel
2014 Droughts and gender bias in infant mortality in Sub-Saharan AfricaFlatø, Martin; Kotsadam, Andreas
2014 The distribution of individual conformity under social pressure across societiesMichaeli, Moti; Spiro, Daniel
2014 Is it all about CO2 emissions? The environmental effects of a tax reform for new vehicles in NorwayCiccone, Alice
2014 Reciprocal climate negotiators: Balancing anger against even more angerNyborg, Karine
2014 Does a renewable fuel standard for biofuels reduce climate costs?Greaker, Mads; Hoel, Michael; Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2014 Morale in the marketOgnedal, Tone
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 505
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