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DateTitle Authors
2014 The life and work of Martin Stuart ("Marty") FeldsteinHorioka, Charles Yuji
2014 Beyond the remittances-driven economy: Notes as if the long run matteredMedalla, Felipe M. / Fabella, Raul V. / de Dios, Emmanuel S.
2014 Rights and capabilities: Reading the Philippines Magna Carta of Women from the perspective of the capabilities approachDurano, Marina
2014 Evolutionary economics and household behaviorHorioka, Charles Yuji
2014 Why do people leave bequests? For love or self-interest?Horioka, Charles Yuji
2014 Who are poor and do they remain poor?Ducanes, Geoffrey M. / Tan, Edita Abella
2014 Time to let go of CARP? Not so fastMonsod, Toby C. / Piza, Sharon A.
2014 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to let goFabella, Raul V.
2014 The impact of Philippines' conditional cash transfer program on consumptionTutor, Melba V.
2014 Population management, RH law, and inclusivityPernia, Ernesto M.
2014 The role of science, technology and research in economic developmentClarete, Ramon L. / Pernia, Ernesto M. / Gaduena, Ammielou / Mendoza, Adrian
2014 Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A policy notede Dios, Emmanuel S. / Dinglasan, Katrina
2013 'Time inconsistency': The Phillips curve example (an analysis for intermediate macroeconomics)Natividad-Carlos, Fidelina B.
2013 Skills, migration, and industrial structure in a dual economyde Dios, Emmanuel S.
2013 Does economic empowerment protect women against domestic violence? Evidence from the PhilippinesQuimbo, S. / Javier, X.
2013 Salience and cooperation among rational egoistsFabella, Raul V.
2013 Shocks to Philippine households: Incidence, idiosyncrasy and impactCapuno, Joseph J. / Kraft, Aleli D. / Quimbo, Stella A. / Tan, Carlos Antonio R.
2013 Fiscal transfers and gerrymandering under decentralization in the PhilippinesCapuno, Joseph J.
2013 An exercise on discrete-time intertemporal optimizationNatividad-Carlos, Fidelina B.
2013 Why has Japan's massive government debt not wreaked havoc (yet)?Horioka, Charles Yuji / Takaaki Nomoto / Akiko Terada-Hagiwara
2013 Stable commitment in an intertemporal collusive tradeBalanquit, Romeo
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