IAB-Discussion Paper, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)

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2016 Cognitive skills, non-cognitive skills, and family background: Evidence from sibling correlationsAnger, Silke; Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
2016 The growth and human capital atructure of new firms over the business cycleBrixy, Udo; Murmann, Martin
2016 The migration of professionals within the EU: Any barriers left?Capuano, Stella; Migali, Silvia
2016 Social ties for labor market access: Lessons from the migration of East German inventorsDorner, Matthias; Harhoff, Dietmar; Hinz, Tina; Hoisl, Karin; Bender, Stefan
2016 The effects of immigration on household services, labour supply and fertilityRomiti, Agnese
2016 The valuation of changes in commuting distances: An analysis using georeferenced dataDauth, Wolfgang; Haller, Peter
2016 Side effects of the new German minimum wage on (un-)employment: First evidence from regional dataGarloff, Alfred
2016 History dependence in wages and cyclical selection: Evidence from GermanyBauer, Anja; Lochner, Benjamin
2016 Management practices and productivity in GermanyBroszeit, Sandra; Fritsch, Ursula; Görg, Holger; Laible, Marie-Christine
2016 Gender gaps of the unemployed: What drives diverging labor market outcomes?Dauth, Christine Martina
2016 Natives and migrants in home production: The case of GermanyForlani, Emanuele; Lodigiani, Elisabetta; Mendolicchio, Concetta
2016 Effectiveness of sequences of classroom training for welfare recipients: What works best in West Germany?Dengler, Katharina
2016 Types of FDI and determinants of affiliate size: The classification makes the differenceHecht, Veronika; Moritz, Michael; Noska, Patricia; Schäffler, Johannes
2016 Does personality matter? The impact of the Big Five on the migrant and gender wage gapsBrenzel, Hanna; Laible, Marie-Christine
2016 Welche Ein-Euro-Jobber werden qualifiziert? Qualifizierungsmaßnahmen im Rahmen von Arbeitsgelegenheiten mit Mehraufwandsentschädigung für Arbeitslosengeld II EmpfängerUhl, Maria; Rebien, Martina; Abraham, Martin
2016 Beschäftigungseffekte von Ein-Euro-Jobs in den EinsatzbetriebenDummert, Sandra; Hohendanner, Christian
2016 Cohort size and youth labour-market outcomes: The role of measurement errorMoffat, John D.; Roth, Duncan
2016 EU 4.0 - Die Debatte zu Digitalisierung und Arbeitsmarkt in EuropaGrass, Karen; Weber, Enzo
2016 The EU gender earnings gap: Job segregation and working time as driving factorsBoll, Christina; Rossen, Anja; Wolf, André
2016 Overeducation: New evidence for 25 European countriesBoll, Christina; Leppin, Julian Sebastian; Rossen, Anja; Wolf, André
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 364