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DateTitle Authors
2014 Kollektive Lohnverhandlungen und der Gender Wage Gap: Befunde aus einer qualitativen StudieGärtner, Debora / Grimm, Veronika / Lang, Julia / Stephan, Gesine / Daumann, Volker / Dony, Elke / Knapp, Barbara / Karsten, Strien
2014 Your very private job agency: Job referrals based on residential location networksHawranek, Franziska / Schanne, Norbert
2014 Active labour market programmes for women with a partner: Challenge or replication of traditional gender rolesKopf, Eva / Zabel, Cordula
2014 Efficiency in public input provision in two asymmetric jurisdictions with imperfect labour marketsGillet, Holger / Pauser, Johannes
2014 Firm performance and trade with low-income countries: Evidence from ChinaSchmerer, Hans-Jörg / Wang, Luhang
2014 Effectiveness of data correction rules in process-produced data: The case of educational attainmentKruppe, Thomas / Matthes, Britta / Unger, Stefanie
2014 Konsummuster und Konsumarmut von SGB-II-Leistungsempfängern: Eine Untersuchung auf Basis der Einkommens- und VerbrauchsstichprobeChristoph, Bernhard / Pauser, Johannes / Wiemers, Jürgen
2014 Beat the heap: An imputation strategy for valid inferences from rounded income dataDrechsler, Jörg / Kiesl Hans
2014 On the efficiency properties of the Roy's model under asymmetric informationMendolicchio, Concetta / Pietra, Tito
2014 Labour hoarding in Germany: Employment effects of short-time work during the crisesKruppe, Thomas / Scholz, Theresa
2014 Regional determinants of German FDI in the Czech Republic: Evidence from a gravity model approachSchäffler, Johannes / Hecht, Veronika / Moritz, Michael
2014 Trade and unions: Can exporters benefit from collective bargaining?Capuano, Stella / Hauptmann, Andreas / Schmerer, Hans-Jörg
2014 Labour market effects of retraining for the unemployed: The role of occupationsKruppe, Thomas / Lang, Julia
2014 The hidden winners of renewable energy promotion: Insights into sector-specific wage differentialsAntoni, Manfred / Janser, Markus / Lehmer, Florian
2014 Economic failure and the role of plant age and size: First evidence from German administrative dataMüller, Steffen / Stegmaier, Jens
2014 Employment and earnings effects of awarding training vouchers in GermanyDoerr, Annabelle / Fitzenberger, Bernd / Kruppe, Thomas / Paul, Marie / Strittmatter, Anthony
2014 Determinants of labor shortage: With particular focus on the German environmental sectorHorbach, Jens
2014 Success and failure in the operational recruitment process: Contrasting the outcomes of searchRebien, Martina / Kubis, Alexander / Müller, Anne
2014 Revisiting the matching functionKohlbrecher, Britta / Merkl, Christian / Nordmeier, Daniela
2014 Interacting product and labor market regulation and the impact of immigration on native wagesPrantl, Susanne / Spitz-Oener, Alexandra
2014 Sorting within and across establishments: The immigrant-native wage differential in GermanyBossler, Mario
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