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DateTitle Authors
2014 The Continuous Logit Dynamic and Price DispersionLahkar, Ratul / Riedel, Frank
2014 A Model of Quality Uncertainty with a Continuum of Quality LevelsGertz, Christopher
2014 Subgame-Perfect Equilibria in Stochastic Timing GamesRiedel, Frank / Steg, Jan-Henrik
2014 Continuous Homophily and Clustering in Random NetworksGauer, Florian / Landwehr, Jakob
2014 A Non Convex Singular Stochastic Control Problem and its Related Optimal Stopping BoundariesDe Angelis, Tiziano / Ferrari, Giorgio / Moriarty, John
2014 On Repeated Games with Imperfect Public Monitoring: From Discrete to Continuous TimeStaudigl, Mathias / Steg, Jan-Henrik
2014 Categorization Based Belief FormationsBleile, Jörg
2014 Efficiency Based Measures of InequalityAndonie, Costel / Kuzmics, Christoph / Rogers, Brian W.
2014 Limited Attention in Case-Based Belief FormationBleile, Jörg
2014 Microeconomic foundations of representative agent models by means of ultraproductsBedrosian, Geghard / Herzberg, Frederik
2014 Kuhn's Theorem for Extensive Form Ellsberg GamesMouraviev, Igor / Riedel, Frank / Sass, Linda
2014 On the Optimal Boundary of a Three-Dimensional Singular Stochastic Control Problem Arising in Irreversible InvestmentDe Angelis, Tiziano / Federico, Salvatore / Ferrari, Giorgio
2014 Stable Networks in Homogeneous SocietiesHellmann, Tim / Landwehr, Jakob
2014 Non-Implementability of Arrow-Debreu Equilibria by Continuous Trading Under Knightian UncertaintyRiedel, Frank / Beissner, Patrick
2014 Cautious Belief FormationBleile, Jörg
2014 Probabilistic Transitivity in SportsTiwisina, Johannes / Külpmann, Philipp
2014 Immigration, Occupational Choice and Public EmploymentMarchiori, Luca / Pieretti, Patrice / Zou, Benteng
2014 On Repeated Games with Imperfect Public Monitoring: Characterization of Continuation Payoff ProcessesStaudigl, Mathias
2014 An Efficient and Strategy-Proof Double-Track Auction for Substitutes and ComplementsSun, Ning / Yang, Zaifu
2014 Explaining the U-Shape of the Referral Hiring Pattern in a Search Model with Heterogeneous WorkersStupnytska, Yuliia / Zaharieva, Anna
2014 A Dynamic Extension of the Foster-Hart Measure of RiskinessHellmann, Tobias / Riedel, Frank
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