Working Papers, Center for Mathematical Economics (IMW), Bielefeld University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 The El Farol problem revisitedBöhm, Volker
2015 Stock price related financial fragility and growth patternsAßmuth, Pascal
2015 Does time pressure impair performance? An experiment on queueing behaviorConte, Anna; Scarsini, Marco; Sürücü, Oktay
2015 Network design and imperfect defenseLandwehr, Jakob
2015 Convex vNM-stable sets for a semi orthogonal game. Part IV: Large economies: The existence theoremRosenmüller, Joachim
2015 Dynamic consistent alpha-maxim expected utilityBeißner, Patrick; Lin, Qian
2015 Hyperfinite construction of G-expectationFadina, Tolulope; Herzberg, Frederik
2015 Ambiguity in a real option gameHellmann, Tobias; Thijssen, Jacco J. J.
2015 Preferences under ignoranceGossner, Olivier; Kuzmics, Christoph
2015 Symmetric equilibria in stochastic timing gamesSteg, Jan-Henrik
2015 Local and global pollution and international environmental agreements in a network approachGünther, Michael; Hellmann, Tim
2015 Quick or persistent? Strategic investment demanding versatilitySteg, Jan-Henrik; Thijssen, Jacco
2015 A case for standard theory?Kuzmics, Christoph; Rodenburger, Daniel
2015 Procrastination and projectsKülpmann, Philipp
2015 Strategic formation of homogeneous bargaining networksGauer, Florian
2015 Continuous homophily and clustering in random networksGauer, Florian; Landwehr, Jakob
2014 Explaining the U-Shape of the Referral Hiring Pattern in a Search Model with Heterogeneous WorkersStupnytska, Yuliia; Zaharieva, Anna
2014 Cautious Belief FormationBleile, Jörg
2014 Categorization Based Belief FormationsBleile, Jörg
2014 An Efficient and Strategy-Proof Double-Track Auction for Substitutes and ComplementsSun, Ning; Yang, Zaifu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 191
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