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DateTitle Authors
2013 A degree-distance-based connections model with negative and positive externalitiesMöhlmeier, Philipp / Rusinowska, Agnieszka / Tanimura, Emily
2013 Convex vNM-stable sets for a semi orthogonal game: Part I: epsilon-relevant coalitionsRosenmüller, Joachim
2013 Does size asymmetry exacerbate the inefficiency of tax competition?Han, Yutao / Pieretti, Patrice / Zou, Benteng
2013 Threshold preferences and the environmentSchumacher, Ingmar / Zou, Benteng
2013 A stochastic reversible investment problem on a finite-time horizon: Free boundary analysisDe Angelis, Tiziano / Ferrari, Giorgio
2013 The LIBOR mechanism and related gamesDiehl, Christoph
2013 Kuhn's theorem for extensive form Ellsberg gamesSass, Linda
2013 Skorohod's representation theorem for sets of probabilitiesDumav, Martin / Stinchcombe, Maxwell B.
2013 On the desirability of tax coordination when countries compete in taxes and infrastructureHan, Yutao / Pieretti, Patrice / Zou, Benteng
2013 The von Neumann/Morgenstern approach to ambiguityDumav, Martin / Stinchcombe, Maxwell B.
2013 A limit theorem for Markov decision processesStaudigl, Mathias
2013 Continuous-time public good contribution under uncertaintyFerrari, Giorgio / Riedel, Frank / Steg, Jan-Henrik
2013 The Foster-Hart measure of riskiness for general gamblesRiedel, Frank / Hellmann, Tobias
2012 Coherent price systems and uncertainty-neutral valuationBeißner, Patrick
2012 Asymmetric competition among nation states: A differential game approachHan, Yutao / Pieretti, Patrice / Zanaj, Skerdilajda / Zou, Benteng
2012 The evolution of R&D networksDawid, Herbert / Hellmann, Tim
2012 Generalized Kuhn-Tucker conditions for N-firm stochastic irreversible investment under limited resourcesChiarolla, Maria B. / Ferrari, Giorgio / Riedel, Frank
2012 Efficient wage bargaining in a dynamic macroeconomic modelBöhm, Volker / Claas, Oliver
2012 Double matching: Social contacts in a labour market with on-the-job searchZaharieva, Anna
2012 Opinion dynamics under conformityBuechel, Berno / Hellmann, Tim / Klößner, Stefan
2012 Inferring preferences from choices under uncertaintyKuzmics, Christoph
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