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2016 The Preference Survey Module: A Validated Instrument for Measuring Risk, Time, and Social PreferencesFalk, Armin; Becker, Anke; Dohmen, Thomas; Huffman, David B.; Sunde, Uwe
2016 When Do Gender Wage Differences Emerge? A Study of Azerbaijan's Labor MarketPastore, Francesco; Sattar, Sarosh; Sinha, Nistha; Tiongson, Erwin R.
2016 Long-Lasting Effects of Socialist EducationFuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Masella, Paolo
2016 New Perspectives on Ethnic Segregation over Time and Space: A Domains Approachvan Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit
2016 Using Goals to Motivate College Students: Theory and Evidence from Field ExperimentsClark, Damon; Gill, David; Prowse, Victoria L.; Rush, Mark
2016 On the Quantity and Quality of Girls: New Evidence on Abortion, Fertility, and Parental InvestmentsAnukriti, S; Bhalotra, Sonia R.; Tam, Hiu
2016 Diasporas and ConflictMariani, Fabio; Mercier, Marion; Verdier, Thierry
2016 A Life Course Approach to Understanding Neighbourhood Effectsde Vuijst, Elise; van Ham, Maarten; Kleinhans, Reinout
2016 On the Origins of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Sibling CorrelationsLindquist, Matthew J.; Sol, Joeri; van Praag, Mirjam C.; Vladasel, Theodor
2016 Comparative Advantage and Agglomeration of Economic ActivityPflüger, Michael P.; Tabuchi, Takatoshi
2016 The Gain from the Drain: Skill-biased Migration and Global WelfareBiavaschi, Costanza; Burzyński, Michał; Elsner, Benjamin; Machado, Joel
2016 Migration and Development: Dissecting the Anatomy of the Mobility TransitionDao, Thu Hien; Docquier, Frédéric; Parsons, Christopher; Peri, Giovanni
2016 Spatial Segregation and Socio-Economic Mobility in European Citiesvan Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit; de Vuijst, Elise; Zwiers, Merle
2016 Start-Up Capital and Women's Entrepreneurship: Evidence from SwazilandBrixiova, Zuzana; Kangoye, Thierry
2016 Do Politicians Change Public Attitudes?Carlsson, Magnus; Dahl, Gordon B.; Rooth, Dan-Olof
2016 Labor-Market Scars When Youth Unemployment Is Extremely High: Evidence from MacedoniaPetreski, Marjan; Mojsoska-Blazevski, Nikica; Bergolo, Marcelo
2016 Rain, Emotions and Voting for the Status QuoMeier, Armando N.; Schmid, Lukas D.; Stutzer, Alois
2016 Rainfall Risk and Fertility: Evidence from Farm Settlements during the American Demographic TransitionGrimm, Michael
2016 Subjective Completion Beliefs and the Demand for Post-Secondary EducationKunz, Johannes S.; Staub, Kevin E.
2016 Boys Lag Behind: How Teachers' Gender Biases Affect Student AchievementTerrier, Camille
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 10371
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