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DateTitle Authors
2014 Behavioral variation in Tullock contestsMasiliunas, Aidas / Mengel, Friederike / Reiss, J. Philipp
2014 Aging workforce and firm growth in the context of "extreme" employment growth eventsSchimke, Antje
2014 Nanotechnology as general purpose technologyKreuchauff, Florian / Teichert, Nina
2013 Bubbles and crowding-in of capital via a savings glutHillebrand, Marten / Kikuchi, Tomoo / Sakuragawa, Masaya
2013 On portfolio risk estimationSafarian, Mher
2013 Unanimity overruled: Majority voting and the burden of historyNehring, Klaus / Pivato, Marcus / Puppe, Clemens
2013 The Condorcet set: Majority voting over interconnected propositionsNehring, Klaus / Pivato, Marcus / Puppe, Clemens
2013 Decision making in politics and economics: 5. 2013 election to German Bundestag and direct democracyTangian, Andranik S.
2013 Institutions, shared guilt, and moral transgressionRothenhäusler, Dominik / Schweizer, Nikolaus / Szech, Nora
2012 Uniqueness of Markov equilibrium in stochastic OLG models with nonclassical productionHillebrand, Marten
2012 The term structure of bond market liquidity conditional on the economic environment: An analysis of government guaranteed bondsSchuster, Philipp / Uhrig-Homburg, Marliese
2012 Option pricing with regime switching tempered stable processesLin, Zuodong / Rachev, Svetlozar T. / Kim, Young Shin / Fabozzi, Frank J.
2012 Measuring financial risk and portfolio optimization with a non-Gaussian multivariate modelKim, Young Shin / Giacometti, Rosella / Rachev, Svetlozar T. / Fabozzi, Frank J. / Mignacca, Domenico
2012 Backward induction or forward reasoning? An experiment of stochastic alternating offer bargainingBerninghaus, Siegfried K. / Güth, Werner / Schosser, Stephan
2012 Approximate truth of perfectness: An experimental testBerninghaus, Siegfried / Güth, Werner / Li, King King
2012 A mechanism for booms and busts in housing pricesHillebrand, Marten / Kikuchi, Tomoo
2012 Entrepreneurial aging and employment growth in the context of extreme growth eventsSchimke, Antje
2012 Impact of local knowledge endowment on employment growth in nanotechnologySchimke, Antje / Teichert, Nina / Ott, Ingrid
2011 A simple questionnaire can change everything: Are strategy choices in coordination games stable?Berninghaus, Siegfried K. / Todorova, Lora / Vogt, Bodo
2011 The impact of West-German universities on regional innovation activities: A social network analysisMeyborg, Mirja
2011 Firm growth and the spatial impact of geolocated external factors: Empirical evidence for German manufacturing firmsDuschl, Matthias / Schimke, Antje / Brenner, Thomas / Luxen, Dennis
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