Working Paper Series in Economics, Institute of Economics (ECON), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Effective policy communication: Targets versus instrumentsD'Acunto, Francesco; Hoang, Daniel; Paloviita, Maritta; Weber, Michael
2021 Managing households' expectations with unconventional policiesD'Acunto, Francesco; Hoang, Daniel; Weber, Michael
2021 Do nonfinancial firms hold risky financial assets? Evidence from GermanyHoang, Daniel; Silbereis, Fabian; Stengel, Raphael
2021 Choice architecture and incentives increase COVID-19 vaccine intentions and test demandSerra-Garcia, Marta; Szech, Nora
2020 Understanding demand for COVID-19 antibody testingSerra Garcia, Marta; Szech, Nora
2020 Quantifying subjective uncertainty in survey expectationsKrüger, Fabian; Pavlova, Lora
2020 Institutional design and spatial (in)equality: The Janus face of economic integrationOtt, Ingrid; Soretz, Susanne
2020 Predicting the global minimum variance portfolioReh, Laura; Krüger, Fabian; Liesenfeld, Roman
2020 Strategy-proofness and responsiveness imply minimal participationMüller, Michael; Puppe, Clemens
2020 Credit cycles revisitedUrban, Jörg
2020 Voting: A machine learning approachBurka, Dávid; Puppe, Clemens; Szepesváry, László; Tasnádi, Attila
2020 Towards a classification of maximal peak-pit Condorcet domainsLi, Guanhao; Puppe, Clemens; Slinko, Arkadii
2020 Using composite indicators in econometric decision models: With application to occupational healthTanguiane, Andranick S.
2019 Trading stocks on blocks: The quality of decentralized marketsNotheisen, Benedikt; Marino, Vincenzo; Englert, Daniel; Weinhardt, Christof
2019 Effectiveness of policy and regulation in European sovereign credit risk markets: A network analysisBuse, Rebekka; Schienle, Melanie; Urban, Jörg
2019 Human frictions in the transmission of economic policyD'Acunto, Francesco; Hoang, Daniel; Paloviita, Maritta; Weber, Michael
2019 Cognitive abilities and inflation expectationsD'Acunto, Francesco; Hoang, Daniel; Paloviita, Maritta; Weber, Michael
2019 The blockchain, plums, and lemons: Information asymmetries & transparency in decentralized marketsNotheisen, Benedikt; Weinhardt, Christof
2019 Measuring connectedness of euro area sovereign riskBuse, Rebekka; Schienle, Melanie
2019 Detecting structural differences in tail dependence of financial time seriesBormann, Carsten; Schienle, Melanie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 150
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