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DateTitle Authors
2013 Portugal: Political repercussions of the financial rescue planHoernig, Steffen
2013 Inequality in Europe: What can be done? What should be done?Franzini, Maurizio / Raitano, Michele / Callan, Tim / Nolan, Brian / Keane, Claire / Savage, Michael / Walsh, John R. / Bosch, Gerhard / Bonhomme, Stéphane / Hospido, Laura / Marx, Ive
2013 Europe under Merkel's third termPelkmans, Jacques
2013 EU data protection reform: Opportunities and concernsDix, Alexander / Thüsing, Gregor / Traut, Johannes / Christensen, Laurits / Etro, Federico / Aaronson, Susan Ariel / Maxim, Rob
2013 Rising inequality, recession and slow recovery: A sad American taleCynamon, Barry Z. / Fazzari, Steven M.
2013 A more effective euro area monetary policy than OMTs: Gold-backed sovereign debtBelke, Ansgar
2013 Austerity in the Baltic States during the global financial crisisStaehr, Karsten
2013 Youth unemploymentMaguire, Sue / Cockx, Bart / Dolado, Juan J. / Felgueroso, Florentino / Jansen, Marcel / Styczyńska, Izabela / Kelly, Elish / McGuinness, Seamus / Eichhorst, Werner / Hinte, Holger / Rinne, Ulf
2013 Keys to negotiating the transatlantic trade and investment partnershipSchott, Jeffrey J. / Cimino, Cathleen
2013 The economic consequences of the proposed immigration reformPeri, Giovanni
2013 The regulation of water services in the EUBoscheck, Ralf / Clifton, Judith C. / Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel / Oelmann, Mark / Czichy, Christoph / Alessi, Monica / Treyer, Sébastien / Wright, Janet / Cave, Martin
2013 The Cypriot precedentValiante, Diego
2013 Banking union with a sovereign virus: The self-serving treatment of sovereign debtGros, Daniel
2013 Potential economic variables and actual economic policies in EuropeKlär, Erik
2013 Austerity measures in crisis countries: Results and impact on mid-term developmentMonastiriotis, Vassilis / Hardiman, Niamh / Regan, Aidan / Goretti, Chiara / Landi, Lucio / Conde-Ruiz, J. Ignacio / Marín, Carmen / Cabral, Ricardo
2013 Convergence in the EUBongardt, Annette / Torres, Francisco / Wunsch, Pierre / Hefeker, Carsten / Hermann, Christoph
2013 Carbon tax: Still the best way forward for climate policyTol, Richard S. J.
2013 The fiscal cliff crisis and the real economic crisis in the United StatesBaker, Dean
2012 Economic sentiment shocks and fluctuations in economic activity in the euro area and the USAvan Aarle, Bas / Kappler, Marcus
2012 The Spanish financial sector: Where we came from, where we are goingMarbán-Flores, Raquel
2012 The true significance of the EFSF downgradeRocholl, Jörg
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