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DateTitle Authors
2007 The Asian way of regional integration: Are there lessons from Europe?Langhammer, Rolf J.
2006 Central Asia's comparative advantage in international tradeLücke, Matthias / Rothert, Jacek
2005 Procyclicality in the Financial System: Do We Need a New Macrofinancial Stabilization Framework?White, William R.
2005 Monetary management of transition in China: Balancing short-run risks and long-run optimalityDiehl, Markus / Schweickert, Rainer
2005 Grants versus loans: Much ado about (almost) nothingNunnenkamp, Peter / Thiele, Rainer / Wilfer, Tom
2005 Reforming health care finance: What can Germany learn from other countries?Siadat, Banafsheh / Stolpe, Michael
2005 Euroland: Recovery is slowly gaining momentumBenner, Joachim / Gern, Klaus-Jürgen / Scheide, Joachim