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DateTitle Authors
2013 In the name of my parents: Entrepreneurship and the intergenerational transmission of valuesWyrwich, Michael
2013 The effect of identifiability on the relationship between risk attitudes and other-regarding concernsKoukoumelis, Anastasios / Levati, M. Vittoria / Ploner, Matteo
2013 Sorting via screening versus signaling: A theoretic and experimental comparisonGüth, Werner / Winter, Fabian
2013 Ready, set, go!: Why are some regions entrepreneurial jump-starters?Wyrwich, Michael
2013 One swallow doesn't make a summer: A noteKataria, Mitesh
2013 Assessing mental models via recording the decision deliberations of pairsBerninghaus, Siegfried K. / Güth, Werner / Klempt, Charlotte / Pull, Kerstin
2013 Providing negative cost public projects under a fair mechanism: An experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Koukoumelis, Anastasios / Levati, M. Vittoria / Ploner, Matteo
2013 Innovative start-up patenting: A new approach towards identification and determinantsWolf, Tina
2013 Balanced skills and the city: An analysis of the relationship between entrepreneurial skill balance, thickness and innovationBublitz, Elisabeth / Fritsch, Michael / Wyrwich, Michael
2013 Emergence of innovation networks from R&D cooperation with endogenous absorptive capacityEgbetokun, Abiodun A. / Savin, Ivan
2013 Check-in, departure and arrival times: Air cargo in Southern Africa?Dettmer, Bianka / Draper, Peter / Freytag, Andreas
2013 Voluntary payments, privacy and social pressure on the Internet: A natural field experimentRegner, Tobias / Riener, Gerhard
2013 Confirmation: What's in the evidence?Kataria, Mitesh
2013 Endogenous community formation and collective provision: A procedurally fair mechanismGüth, Werner
2013 More than thirty years of ultimatum bargaining experiments: Motives, variations, and a survey of the recent literatureGüth, Werner / Kocher, Martin G.
2013 What can be learned from behavioural economics for environmental policy?Pasche, Markus
2013 Endogenous variables in non-linear models with mixed effects: Inconsistence under perfect identification conditions?Buscha, Franz / Conte, Anna
2013 Regional public research, higher education, and innovative start-ups: An empirical investigationAamoucke, Ronney / Fritsch, Michael
2013 Endogenous price leadership: A theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred / Zaby, Alexandra
2013 A note on fashion cycles, novelty and conformityAlberti, Federica
2013 Business cycles, unemployment and entrepreneurial entry: First evidence from GermanyFritsch, Michael / Kritikos, Alexander / Pijnenburg, Katharina
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