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2017 Ambiguities of social Europe: Political agenda setting among trade unionists from Central and Eastern Europe and Western EuropeSeeliger, Martin
2016 Illegal markets boundaries and interfaces between legality and illegalityMayntz, Renate
2016 Permanent budget surpluses as a fiscal regimeHaffert, Lukas
2016 Porous borders: The study of illegal markets from a sociological perspectiveDewey, Matías
2016 Group representation for the working class? Opinion differences among occupational groups in GermanyElsässer, Lea; Schäfer, Armin
2016 Financial fraud: A literature reviewReurink, Arjan
2016 Uncertainty and the dangers of monocultures in regulation, analysis, and practiceBronk, Richard; Jacoby, Wade
2016 How much do sociologists write about economic topics? Using big data to test some conventional views in economic sociology, 1890 to 2014Daoud, Adel; Kohl, Sebastian
2016 After blood diamonds: The moral economy of illegality in the Sierra Leonean diamond marketEngwicht, Nina
2016 From elite lawbreaking to financial crime: The evolution of the concept of white-collar crimeReurink, Arjan
2016 Unverdientes Vermögen oder illegitimer Eingriff in das Eigentumsrecht? Der öffentliche Diskurs um die Erbschaftssteuer in Deutschland und ÖsterreichBeckert, Jens; Arndt, H. Lukas R.
2016 Inherited advantage: The importance of inheritance for private wealth accumulation in EuropeKorom, Philipp
2016 Speaking to the people? Money, trust, and central bank legitimacy in the age of quantitative easingBraun, Benjamin
2016 Diversified quality production revisited the transformation of production systems and regulatory regimes in GermanySorge, Arndt; Streeck, Wolfgang
2016 De-constitutionalization and majority rule: A democratic vision for EuropeScharpf, Fritz W.
2016 Workers united? How trade union organizations at the European level form political positions on the freedom of servicesSeeliger, Martin; Wagner, Ines
2016 Forced structural convergence in the eurozone: Or a differentiated European monetary communityScharpf, Fritz W.
2015 Das Komplexitätssyndrom: Gesellschaftliche 'Komplexität' als intellektuelle und politische Herausforderung in den 1970er-JahrenLeendertz, Ariane
2015 Culture's influence regionally differing social milieus and variations in fertility ratesFulda, Barbara
2015 Bringing power back in: A review of the literature on the role of business in welfare state politicsPaster, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 307
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