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DateTitle Authors
14-Apr-2014 Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy RulesChatelain, Jean-Bernard / Ralf, Kirsten
11-Apr-2014 Trust and Identity in a Small, Post-Socialist, Post-Crisis SocietyBjornskov, Christian / Bogetic, Zeljko / Hillman, Arye / Popovic, Milenko
31-Mar-2014 Macroprudential Regulation and the Role of Monetary PolicyTayler, William / Zilberman, Roy
4-Mar-2014 Stop Waiting Problem: Decision Rule with Ψ function and Application with Share PricesKohn, Wolfgang
Mar-2014 European Monetary Policy in the Heterogeneous Currency Area and the Open Question of ConvergenceAfflatet, Nicolas
3-Feb-2014 The Political Economy of FDI flows into Developing Countries: Does the depth of International Trade Agreements Matter?Rana, Arslan Tariq / Kebewar, Mazen
30-Jan-2014 Personnel Economics essay: Issues in Human Capital Theory, training and earnings of workersJosheski, Dushko
30-Jan-2014 Еconomic theory and the New-Keynesian schoolJosheski, Dushko / Magdinceva-Sopova, Marija
2014 Keynesian macroeconomics without the LM curve: IS-MP-IA model and Taylor rule applied to some CESEE economiesJosheski, Dushko
2014 SPACs with focus on ChinaShachmurove, Yochanan / Vulanovic, Milos
2014 Personnel economics issues: What causes increasing work intensity, and what are the policy responses?Josheski, Dushko
2014 Essential themes in Personnel economicsJosheski, Dushko
Dec-2013 SPACs in ShippingShachmurove, Yochanan / Vulanovic, Milos
29-Nov-2013 Will Facebook save or destroy social capital? An empirical investigation into the effect of online interactions on trust and networksSabatini, Fabio / Sarracino, Francesco
14-Oct-2013 Kapitalwertmethode bei nicht-flacher ZinsstrukturkurveKohn, Wolfgang
Oct-2013 Case Survey for Assessing Community-Based Enterprise: A Research DesignSoviana, Soviana
3-Sep-2013 Digitale Medien in B2B-Beschaffungsprozessen - eine explorative UntersuchungBackhaus, Klaus / Bröker, Ole / Brüne, Philipp / Gausling, Philipp
Sep-2013 Oversupply of Labor and Other Peculiarities of Arts Labor MarketPopović, Milenko / Ratković, Kruna
Jun-2013 Framework for Analyzing Community-Based Enterprise (CBE)Soviana, S.
10-May-2013 Does debt affect profitability? An empirical study of French trade sectorKebewar, Mazen
May-2013 Die Auswirkungen des Steuersystemwechsels vom Halbeinkünfteverfahren zur Abgeltungssteuer auf die Ausschüttungspolitik von UnternehmenPodlech, Nils
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