Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2007 (Göttingen)

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2007 The cost-effectiveness of inputs in primary education: Insights from recent student surveys for sub-Saharan AfricaWechtler, Annika; Michaelowa, Katharina; Fehrler, Sebastian
2007 The impact of Inequality on Economic Growth: Evidence for Mexico 1895-1994Gutiérrez-Romero, Roxana
2007 Does membership on the UN Security Council influence IMF decisions? Evidence from panel dataDreher, Axel; Sturm, Jan-Egbert; Vreeland, James Raymond
2007 Poverty, Undernutrition, and Child Mortality: Some Inter-Regional Puzzles and their Implications for Research and PolicyKlasen, Stephan
2007 Burden-sharing or migration management?Czaika, Mathias; Mayer, Amy
2007 Informal Labor Markets and Macroeconomic FluctuationsFiess, Norbert M.; Fugazza, Marco; Maloney, William F.
2007 Cosigners HelpRai, Ashok S.; Klonner, Stefan
2007 An Occupational Choice Model for Developing CountriesGerardo Jacobs
2007 Fiscal Decentralization, Chinese Style: Good for Health Outcomes?Jütting, Johannes P.; Uchimura, Hiroko
2007 How Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Economic Growth? Exploring The Effects Of Financial Markets On LinkagesKalemli-Özcan, Sebnem; Chanda, Areendam; Alfaro, Laura; Sayek, Selin
2007 Does Inequality Harm Income Mobility and Growth? An Assessment of the Growth Impact of Income and Education Inequality in Paraguay 1992: 2002Otter, Thomas
2007 Does it Make a Difference? Comparing Growth Effects of European and North American FDI in Latin AmericaTondl, Gabriele; Prüfer, Patricia
2007 In search of FDI-led growth in developing countriesKlasen, Stephan; Herzer, Dierk; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2007 A Human Development Index by Income GroupsMisselhorn, Mark; Klasen, Stephan; Harttgen, Kenneth; Grimm, Michael
2007 Trade, Productivity and Institutional Quality: Issues and EmpiricsMartínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada; Doyle, Eleanor
2007 Forced to Freedom? Empirical relations between aid and economic freedomKronthaler, Franz; Knedlik, Tobias
2007 Default, Electoral Uncertainty and the Choice of Exchange RegimeHefeker, Carsten
2007 Household Risk Management in Rural and Urban ThailandRungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2007 Empirical Evidence on the New International Aid ArchitectureCassimon, Danny; Claessens, Stijn; Campenhout, Bjorn van
2007 Inflation and Financial Development: Evidence from BrazilBittencourt, Manoel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35
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