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DateTitle Authors
2002 City CarShare: Assessment of Short-Term Travel-Behavior ImpactsCreedman, Nina / Cervero, Robert / Pohan, Muhammad / Pai, Madhav
2002 Growth Management Revisited: A Reassessment of its Efficacy, Price Effects and Impacts on Metropolitan Growth PatternsLandis, John D. / Deng, Lan / Reilly, Michael
2002 City CarShare: Assessment of Intermediate-Term Travel-Behavior ImpactsCervero, Robert / Creedman, Nina / Pohan, Muhammad / Pai, Madhav / Tsai, Yu-Hsin
2003 Rebuilding the urban structure of the inner city : a strategy for the repair of downtown Oakland, CalforniaBosselmann, Peter / Pellegrini, Stefan
2003 Seismic Protection of Laboratory Contents: The UC Berkeley Science Building Case StudyComerio, Mary C.
2003 The Impact of Collaborative Planning on Governance CapacityBooher, David E. / Innes, Judith E.
2003 How We Will Grow: Baseline Projections of the Growth of California's Urban Footprint through the Year 2100Landis, John D. / Reilly, Michael
2003 San Francisco City CarShare : travel-demand trends and second-year impactsCervero, Robert / Yu-hsin, Tsai,
2003 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Collaboration in Water Resources Planning in California: A Case Study of CALFEDHudzik, Catherine Marie
2003 An Exploratory Study of Participatory Evaluation and HOPE VI Community Supportive ServicesMoschetti, Wendy Peters
2003 Coping with Complexity in America's Urban Transport SectorCervero, Robert
2004 The Spatial Organization of Cities: Deliberate Outcome or Unforeseen Consequence?Bertaud, Alain
2004 Immigrant Clusters and Homeownership in Global Metropolises: Suburbanization Trends in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New YorkPamuk, Ayse
2004 The San Diego Dialogue: Reshaping the San Diego regionChristensen, Karen / Rongerude, Jane
2004 Creating and sustaining regional collaboration in Silicon Valley? The case of Joint Venture: Silicon ValleySaxenian, AnnaLee / Chinoy Dabby, Nadya
2004 Urban land markets and urban land development: An examination of three Brazilian cities : Brasilia, Curitiba and RecifeSerra, M.V. / Dowall, David E. / Motta, Diana / Donovan, Michael
2004 Taking the three 'E's seriously: The Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable CommunitiesInnes, Judith E.
2004 Turning businesspeople into environmentalists: The sierra business councilInnes, Judith E. / Sandoval, Gerardo
2005 Building institutions from the region up: Regional workforce development collaboratives in CaliforniaChapple, Karen
2005 Recent experience of and prospects for high-speed rail in Korea: Implications of a transport system and regional development from a global perspectiveShin, Dong-Chun
2006 Transaction-cost economic analysis of institutional change toward design-build contracts for public transportationWhittington, Jan / Dowall, David E.
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