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DateTitle Authors
2016 "Divide et Impera?": Theoretische Perspektiven auf die Collaborative EconomyGandenberger, Carsten
2016 Effects of policies on patenting in wind power technologiesSchleich, Joachim / Walz, Rainer / Ragwitz, Mario
2015 Positive employment effects of increasing material efficiencySartorius, Christian
2015 Impacts of policies on market formation and competitiveness: The case of the PV industry in GermanyBreitschopf, Barbara
2015 Policy mix and the impact on PV technologies and industry: The challenge - how to make policies quantifiable?Breitschopf, Barbara
2015 Unpacking the policy processes for addressing systemic problems: The case of the technological innovation system of offshore wind in GermanyReichardt, Kristin / Rogge, Karoline S. / Negro, Simona
2015 Fuhrparkoptimierung für ElektrofahrzeugeHaendel, Michael / Gnann, Till / Plötz, Patrick
2015 Theoretical perspectives on the international transfer and diffusion of climate technologiesGandenberger, Carsten
2015 International transfer of climate technologies: Which factors influence the firm's choice of transfer channel?Peuckert, Jan / Schmid, Cleo / Gandenberger, Carsten
2015 International transfer of technologies for climate adaptation: The case of membrane bio-reactorsSartorius, Christian / Strauch, Manuel / Gandenberger, Carsten
2015 The international transfer of wind power technology to Brazil and ChinaGandenberger, Carsten / Unger, Daniel / Strauch, Manuel / Bodenheimer, Miriam
2015 Consumption trends of steel and aluminium in the context of decarbonizationHummen, Torsten / Ostertag, Katrin
2015 Factors driving international technology transfer: Empirical insights from a CDM project surveyGandenberger, Carsten / Bodenheimer, Miriam / Schleich, Joachim / Orzanna, Robert / Macht, Lioba
2015 Plug-in electric vehicles automated charging controlDallinger, David / Kohrs, Robert / Mierau, Michael / Marwitz, Simon / Wesche, Julius
2015 Real-world fuel economy and CO2 emissions of plug-in hybrid electric vehiclesPlötz, Patrick / Funke, Simon / Jochem, Patrick
2014 What is the market potential of electric vehicles as commercial passenger cars? A case study from GermanyGnann, Till / Plötz, Patrick / Funke, Simon / Wietschel, Martin
2014 Demonstration of a multi-criteria based decision support framework for selecting PSS to increase resource efficiencyMiller, Michael / Mattes, Katharina
2014 Certifying improvement, improving certification: An analysis based on the artisanal and small-scale mining sectorBodenheimer, Miriam
2014 GLOMO - Global Mobility Model: Beschreibung und ErgebnisseKühn, André / Novinsky, Patrick / Schade, Wolfgang
2014 The impact of policy interactions on the recycling of plastic packaging waste in GermanyGandenberger, Carsten / Orzanna, Robert / Klingenfuß, Sara / Sartorius, Christian
2014 Modelling market diffusion of electric vehicles with real world driving data: German market and policy optionsGnann, Till / Plötz, Patrick / Kühn, André / Wietschel, Martin
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