Working Papers, Department of Economics, Rutgers University

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2017 Recursive differencing: Bias reduction with regular kernelsShen, Chan; Klein, Roger
2017 Perfect equilibria in games of incomplete informationCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol
2017 Capital regulation: Less really can be more when incentives are socially aligned. Comments on Richard J. Herring "The Evolving Complexity of Capital Regulation". "The Interplay of Financial Regulations, Resilience, and Growth", Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia June 16-17, 2016Hughes, Joseph P.
2016 Bayesian inference for partially identified convex models: Is it valid for frequentist inference?Liao, Yuan; Simoni, Anna
2016 Inequality and financial fragilityMitkov, Yuliyan
2016 Inequality reducing properties of progressive income tax schedules: The case of endogenous incomeCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol; Llavador, Humberto
2016 Asset returns and financial fragilityLi, Yang
2016 Is bigger necessarily better in community banking?Hughes, Joseph P.; Jagtiani, Julapa; Mester, Loretta J.
2016 Shifting the burden of taxation from the corporate to the personal level and getting the corporate tax rate down to 15 percentGrubert, Harry; Altshuler, Rosanne
2016 The U.S. economy in WWII as a model for coping with climate changeRockoff, Hugh
2016 Vulnerability to poverty: Tajikistan during and after the global financial crisisGang, Ira N.; Gatskova, Ksennia; Lane, John Landon; Yun, Myeong-Su
2016 The Factor-Lasso and K-Step bootstrap approach for inference in high-dimensional economic applicationsHansen, Christian; Liao, Yuan
2016 Market discipline working for and against financial stability: The two faces of equity capital in U.S. commercial bankingHughes, Joseph P.; Mester, Loretta J.; Moon, Choon-geol
2016 Measuring agency costs and the value of investment opportunities of U.S. bank holding companies with stochastic frontier estimationHughes, Joseph P.; Mester, Loretta J.; Moon, Choon-Geol
2015 War and inflation in the United States from the revolution to the first Iraq WarRockoff, Hugh
2015 Is women's ownership of land a panacea in developing countries? Evidence from land-owning farm households in MalawiBhaumik, Sumon Kumar; Dimova, Ralitza; Gang, Ira N.
2015 The future of large, internationally active banks: Does scale define the winners?Hughes, Joseph P.; Mester, Loretta J.
2015 Fighting the last war: Economists on the lender of last resortGrossman, Richard S.; Rockoff, Hugh
2015 On the existence of Nash Equilibrium in Bayesian GamesCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol; McLean, Richard P.
2015 Migration, transfers and child laborDimova, Ralitza; Epstein, Gil S.; Gang, Ira N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 371