Working Papers, Department of Economics, Rutgers University

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2015 Inequality reducing properties of progressive income tax schedules: The case of endogenous incomeCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol; Llavador, Humberto
2015 Towards a history of the Junk Bond Market, 1910-1955Basile, Peter F.; Kang, Sung Won; Landon-Lane, John; Rockoff, Hugh
2015 Migration, transfers and child laborDimova, Ralitza; Epstein, Gil S.; Gang, Ira N.
2015 On the existence of Nash Equilibrium in Bayesian GamesCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol; McLean, Richard P.
2015 Fighting the last war: Economists on the lender of last resortGrossman, Richard S.; Rockoff, Hugh
2015 Semicontinuous integrands as jointly measurable mapsCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol
2015 Female engagement in commercial agriculture, interventions and welfare in Malawi: What works for the poorest?Dimova, Ralitza; Gang, Ira N.
2015 Good and efficient? Women's voice in agricultureDimova, Ralitza; Gang, Ira N.
2015 Semiparametric instrumental variable estimation in an endogenous treatment modelKlein, Roger; Shen, Chan
2015 Ethnic goods and immigrant assimilationAbdulloev, Ilhom; Epstein, Gil S.; Gang, Ira N.
2015 The spillover effect of outward foreign direct investment on home countries: Evidence from the United StatesTang, Jitao; Altshuler, Rosanne
2015 Robust forecast comparisonJin, Sainan; Corradi, Valentina; Swanson, Norman
2015 Making aid work: Governance and decentralizationEpstein, Gil S.; Gang, Ira N.
2015 War and inflation in the United States from the revolution to the first Iraq WarRockoff, Hugh
2015 Is women's ownership of land a panacea in developing countries? Evidence from land-owning farm households in MalawiBhaumik, Sumon Kumar; Dimova, Ralitza; Gang, Ira N.
2014 Consistent pretesting for jumpsCorradi, Valentina; Silvapulle, Mervyn J.; Swanson, Norman R.
2014 Floating a "lifeboat": The Banque de France and the crisis of 1889White, Eugene; Hautcoeur, Pierre-Cyrille; Riva, Angelo
2014 Information presentation and consumer choice: Evidence from Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) success rates reportsWu, Bingxiao
2014 Bailouts and financial fragilityKeister, Todd
2014 The evolution of bank boards of directors in New York, 1840-1950White, Eugene N.; Bodenhorn, Howard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 356