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DateTitle Authors
1993 Rules, Discretion, and Central Bank Independence: The German Experience 1880 - 1989Eschweiler, Bernard / Bordo, Michael D.
1994 Monetary Regimes, Inflation And Monetary Reform: An Essay in Honor of Axel LeijonhufvudBordo, Michael D. / Jonung, Lars
1994 An Overplayed Hand: France and the Bretton Woods International Monetary SystemWhite, Eugene N. / Bordo, Michael D. / Simard, Dominique
1994 Revenue Motives and Trade Liberalization in an Endogenous Tariff ModelGang, Ira N.
1994 From Plowshares to Swords: The American Economy in World War IIRockoff, Hugh
1994 The Specie Standard As A Contingent Rule: Some Evidence for Core and Peripheral Countries, 1880-90.Bordo, Michael D. / Schwartz, Anna J.
1995 The Gold Standard as a 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval'Rockoff, Hugh / Bordo, Michael D.
1995 A Simple Nonparametric Test for IndependenceMizrach, Bruce
1996 The Trade Effects of U.S. Antidumping ActionsPrusa, Thomas J.
1996 Unemployment and Attitudes Towards Foreigners in the European Union: A Statistical AnalysisGang, Ira N. / Rivera-Batiz, Francisco
1996 Mean Reversion in EMS Exchange RatesMizrach, Bruce
1996 Trade Protection in India: Economics vs. Politics?Gang, Ira N. / Pandey, Mihir
1996 Price and Production Controls in World War IIRockoff, Hugh
1996 Forecast Comparison in L2Mizrach, Bruce
1996 Who Matters Most? The Effect of Parent's Schooling on Children's SchoolingGang, Ira N.
1996 The Paradox of Planning in World War IIRockoff, Hugh
1996 Did Option Prices Predict the ERM Crises?Mizrach, Bruce
1996 The Economics and Politics of Trade Policy: An Empirical Analysis of ITC Decision MakingHansen, Wendy L. / Prusa, Thomas J.
1996 ARMA-GARCH Models: Bayes Estimation Versus MLE, and Bayes Non-stationarity TestNakatsuma, Teruo / Tsurumi, Hiroki
1996 Immigrants and Unemployment in the European CommunityGang, Ira N. / Rivera-Batiz, Francisco L.
1997 A Comparison of Sales TaxesGang, Ira N. / Das-Gupta, Arindam
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