Discussion Papers, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 On the existence of monotone pure-strategy perfect Bayesian equilibrium in games with complementaritiesMensch, Jeffrey
2015 Anticipations and endogenous present biasGalperti, Simone; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 "When do types induce the same belief hierarchy?"Perea, Andrés; Kets, Willemien
2015 "Challenging conformity: A case for diversity"Kets, Willemien; Sandroni, Alvaro
2015 Monotone persuasionMensch, Jeffrey
2015 Private politics and public regulationEgorov, Georgy; Harstad, Bård
2015 On the design of criminal trials: The benefits of a three-verdict systemSiegel, Ron; Strulovici, Bruno
2014 Dynamic managerial compensation: On the optimality of seniority-based schemesGarrett, Daniel; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Many-to-many matching and price discriminationGomes, Renato; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Differential taxation and occupational choiceGomes, Renato; Lozachmeur, Jean-Marie; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Explicit renegotiation in repeated gamesSafronov, Mikhail; Strulovici, Bruno
2014 Platform pricing under dispersed informationJullien, Bruno; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Attention, coordination and bounded recallPavan, Alessandro
2013 Finite depth of reasoning and equilibrium play in games with incomplete informationKets, Willemien
2013 Privacy in implementationGradwohl, Ronen
2013 Platform competition under dispersed informationJullien, Bruno; Pavan, Alessandro
2013 The logical consistency of time inconsistency: A theory of forward-looking behaviorGalperti, Simone; Strulovici, Bruno
2013 Polarization and ambiguityBaliga, Sandeep; Hanany, Eran; Klibanoff, Peter
2013 The supermodular stochastic orderingMeyer, Margaret; Strulovici, Bruno
2013 Whether or not to open Pandora's boxDoval, Laura
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 210