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DateTitle Authors
2012 On the smoothness of value functionsStrulovici, Bruno / Szydlowski, Martin
2012 Bounded reasoning and higher-order uncertaintyKets, Willemien
2012 Social learning and innovation cyclesGarfagnini, Umberto / Strulovici, Bruno
2012 Dynamic collective choice with endogenous status quoDziuda, Wioletta / Loeper, Antoine
2012 Price distortions in high-frequency marketsSteiner, Jakub / Stewart, Colin
2012 Ambiguity in dynamic contractsSzydlowski, Martin
2012 Dueling algorithmsImmorlica, Nicole / Kalai, Adam Tauman / Lucier, Brendan / Moitra, Ankur / Postlewaite, Andrew / Tennenholtz, Moshe
2012 Auction design with fairness concerns: Subsidies vs. set-asidesPai, Mallesh M. / Vohra, Rakesh
2012 The economics of the smart gridDe Castro, Luciano / Dutra, Joisa
2011 Calibration: Respice, adspice, prospiceFoster, Dean P. / Vohra, Rakesh V.
2011 Quotient spaces of boundedly rational typesCianciaruso, Davide / Germano, Fabrizio
2011 Mechanism design via consensus estimates, cross checking, and profit extractionHa, Bach Q. / Hartline, Jason D.
2011 Price discrimination in many-to-many matching marketsGomes, Renato / Pavan, Alessandro
2011 Preference for randomization and ambiguity aversionSaito, Kota
2011 Contracting over commitment vs. flexibility under asymmetric informationGalperti, Simone
2011 Ambiguity aversion and tradeDe Castro, Luciano I. / Chateauneuf, Alain
2011 Common agency with informed principals: Menus and signalsGalperti, Simone
2011 Core and Equilibria under ambiguityDe Castro, Luciano I. / Pesce, Marialaura / Yannelis, Nicholas C.
2011 Incentives, project choice and dynamic multitaskingSzydlowski, Martin
2011 On the notion of perfect bayesian equilibriumGonzález-Díaz, Julio / Meléndez-Jiménez, Miguel A.
2011 Constrained optimization approaches to estimation of structural modelsSu, Che-Lin / Judd, Kenneth L.
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