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DateTitle Authors
2013 The Roman metro problem: Dynamic voting and the limited power of commitmentRoessler, Christian / Shelegia, Sandro / Strulovici, Bruno
2013 Robust multiplicity with a grain of naivetéHeifetz, Aviad / Kets, Willemien
2013 Tractable falsifiabilityGradwohl, Ronen / Shmaya, Eran
2013 Compressed equilibrium in large repeated games of incomplete informationKalai, Ehud / Shmaya, Eran
2013 Eliciting beliefs by paying in chanceSandroni, Alvaro / Shmaya, Eran
2013 Whether or not to open Pandora's boxDoval, Laura
2013 The supermodular stochastic orderingMeyer, Margaret / Strulovici, Bruno
2013 Cross-subsidization and matching designGomes, Renato / Pavan, Alessandro
2013 Achieving cooperation under privacy concernsDziuda, Wioletta / Gradwohl, Ronen
2013 Platform competition under dispersed informationJullien, Bruno / Pavan, Alessandro
2013 Polarization and ambiguityBaliga, Sandeep / Hanany, Eran / Klibanoff, Peter
2013 The logical consistency of time inconsistency: A theory of forward-looking behaviorGalperti, Simone / Strulovici, Bruno
2013 Privacy in implementationGradwohl, Ronen
2013 Finite depth of reasoning and equilibrium play in games with incomplete informationKets, Willemien
2012 Hidden actions and preferences for timing of resolution of uncertaintyErgin, Haluk / Sarver, Todd
2012 Ranking friendsKets, Willemien / Feinberg, Yossi
2012 Correlation of types in Bayesian gamesDe Castro, Luciano
2012 Auctions, actions, and the failure of information aggregationAtakan, Alp E. / Ekmekci, Mehmet
2012 Strategic immunization and group structureGaleotti, Andrea / Rogers, Brian W.
2012 Vigilant measures of risk and the demand for contingent claimsGhossoub, Mario
2012 Symmetric play in repeated allocation gamesKuzmics, Christoph / Palfrey, Thomas / Rogers, Brian W.
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