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DateTitle Authors
2001 Sources of machine-tool industry leadership in the 1990s: Overlooked intrafirm factorsChuma, Hiroyuki
2002 Trade policy, trade volumes and plant-level productivity in Colombian manufacturing industriesFernandes, Ana
2002 The changing trade and revealed comparative advantages of Asian and Latin American manufacture exportsBender, Siegfried / Li, Kui-Wai
2005 Coordinating development: can income-based incentive schemes eliminate pareto inferior equilibria?Bond, Philip / Pande, Rohini
2005 Place of work and place of residence: informal hiring networks and labor market outcomesBayer, Patrick / Ross, Stephen L. / Topa, Giorgio
2005 Institutions and development: a view from belowPande, Rohini / Udry, Christopher
2005 The profits of power: land rights and agricultural investment in GhanaGoldstein, Markus / Udry, Christopher
2005 Deposit collectorsAshraf, Nava / Karlan, Dean S. / Yin, Wesley
2005 Fertility and incomeSchultz, T. Paul
2005 Chinese manufacturing performance in comparative perspective, 1980-2002Szirmai, Adam / Ren, Ruoen / Bai, Manyin
2005 Information asymmetry and the problem of transfers in trade negotiations and international agenciesHamada, Koichi / Sunder, Shyam
2005 Elasticities of demand for consumer creditKarlan, Dean S. / Zinman, Jonathan
2006 On the conditions that preclude the existence of the lerner paradox and the Metzler paradoxEndoh, Masahiro / Hamada, Koichi
2006 The return to capital in GhanaUdry, Christopher / Anagol, Santosh
2006 Do population control policies induce more human capital investment? : Twins, birthweight, and China's one child policyRosenzweig, Mark Richard / Zhang, Junsen
2006 Does the liberalization of trade advance gender equality in schooling and health?Schultz, T. Paul
2006 Microfinance gamesGiné, Xavier / Jakiela, Pamela / Karlan, Dean S. / Morduch, Jonathan
2006 Renegotiation without holdup: anticipating spending and infrastructure concessionsEngel, Eduardo M. R. A. / Fischer, Ronald D. / Galetovic, Alexander
2006 Toward the enhanced effectiveness of foreign aidRanis, Gustav
2006 Household decision making and savings impacts: further evidence from a commitment savings product in the PhilippinesAshraf, Nava / Karlan, Dean S. / Yin, Wesley
2006 Selection and comparative advantage in technology adoptionSuri, Tavneet
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