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DateTitle Authors
1997 As the Century Turns: Analytics, Empirics and Politics of DevelopmentSrinivasan, Thirukodikaval N.
1997 The Micro-Economics of 'Surplus LaborRanis, Gustav
1997 ReflectionsRanis, Gustav
1997 Economic Growth and Human DevelopmentRamirez, Alejandro / Ranis, Gustav
1997 Determinants of Unemployment Duration in RussiaFoley, Mark C.
1997 Long-Run Structural and Productivity Change in U.S. Agriculture: Effects of Prices and PoliciesEvenson, Robert E. / Huffman, Wallace B.
1997 Income Inequality in Taiwan 1976-1995: Changing Family Composition, Aging, and Female Labor Force ParticipationSchultz, T. Paul
1997 Labor Market Dynamics in RussiaFoley, Mark C.
1997 An Outcome-Oriented Theory of Choice and Empirical Paradoxes in Expected Utility TheoryKaneko, Fumihiro
1997 Rice Varietal Improvement and International Exchange of Rice GermplasmEvenson, Robert E.
1997 Three Lectures on the Walrasian Hypotheses for Exchange EconomiesBrown, Donald J.
1997 Title: The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in India: Heartless Exploitation of the Poor and SufferingLanjouw, Jean O.
1997 The Effects of Transactions Costs on Labor Market Participation and Earnings: Evidence from Rural Philippine MarketsLanzona, Leonardo A. / Evenson, Robert E.
1997 Multiple Job Holding in Russia During Economic TransitionFoley, Mark C.
1997 Markets for Communist Human Capital: Returns to Education and Experience in the Czech Republic and SlovakiaChase, Robert S.
1997 Labor Unions and the Distribution of Wages and Employment in South AfricaSchultz, T. Paul / Mwabu, Germano
1997 Economic Growth, International Technological Spillovers and Public Policy: Theory and Empirical Evidence from AsiaEvenson, Robert E. / Singh, Lakhwinder
1998 Inequality in the Distribution of Personal Income in the World: How it is Changing and WhySchultz, T. Paul
1998 The Effects of Agricultural Extension on Farm Yields in KenyaEvenson, Robert E. / Mwabu, Germano
1998 Untitled: A Study of Formal and Informal Property Rights in Urban EcuadorLanjouw, Jean O. / Levy, Philip I.
1998 Determinants of School Attainment of Boys and Girls in TurkeyTansel, Aysit
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