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DateTitle Authors
2014 Loose knots: Strong versus weak commitments to save for education in UgandaKarlan, Dean / Linden, Leigh
2014 The effect of effectiveness: Donor response to aid effectiveness in a direct mail fundraising experimentKarlan, Dean / Wood, Daniel
2014 Co-residence, life-cycle savings and inter-generational support in urban ChinaRosenzweig, Mark R. / Zhang, Junsen
2014 To charge or not to charge: Evidence from a health products experiment in UgandaFischer, Greg / Karlan, Dean / McConnell, Margaret / Raffler, Pia
2014 Rainfall forecasts, weather and wages over the agricultural production cycleRosenzweig, Mark R. / Udry, Christopher
2014 Financial education and access to savings accounts: Complements or substitutes? Evidence from Ugandan youth clubsKarlan, Dean / Jamison, Julian / Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Continued existence of cows disproves central tenets of capitalism?Anagol, Santosh / Etang, Alvin / Karlan, Dean
2013 A two-tiered demographic system: "Insiders" and "Outsiders" in three Swabian communities, 1558-1914Guinnane, Timothy W. / Ogilvie, Sheilagh C.
2013 Follow the money: Methods for identifying consumption and investment responses to a liquidity shockKarlan, Dean / Osman, Adam / Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Escaping famine through seasonal migrationBryan, Gharad / Chowdhury, Shyamal / Mubarak, Ahmed Mushfiq
2013 Win some lose some? Evidence from a randomized microcredit program placement experiment by Compartamos BancoAngelucci, Manuela / Karlan, Dean / Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Communicating with farmers through social networksBenyishay, Ariel / Mobarak, A. Mushfiq
2013 Risk, insurance and wages in general equilibriumMobarak, Ahmed Musfiq / Rosenzweig, Mark
2013 Targeting ultra-poor households in Honduras and PeruKarlan, Dean / Thuysbaert, Bram
2013 Mixed method evaluation of a passive mHealth sexual information texting service in UgandaJamison, Julian / Karlan, Dean / Raffler, Pia
2013 Political mergers as coalition formation: An analysis of the Heisei municipal amalgamationsWeese, Eric
2013 Savings by and for the poor: A research review and agendaKarlan, Dean / Ratan, Aishwarya Lakshmi / Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Probability of fertilizer: Experimental evidence from female rice farmers in MaliBeaman, Lori / Karlan, Dean / Thuysbaert, Bram / Udry, Christopher
2013 Problems of sample-selection bias in the historical heights literature: A theoretical and econometric analysisBodenhorn, Howard / Guinnane, Timothy / Mroz, Thomas
2013 Forecasting profitabilityRosenzweig, Mark / Udry, Chris
2013 The caloric costs of culture: Evidence from Indian migrantsAtkin, David
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