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DateTitle Authors
2013 Security of retail payments: The new strategic objectiveStavins, Joanna
2013 The Credit CARD Act of 2009: What did banks do?Jambulapati, Vikram / Stavins, Joanna
2013 When does delinquency result in neglect? Mortgage distress and property maintenanceLambie-Hanson, Lauren
2013 Changes in US household balance sheet behavior after the housing bust and Great Recession: Evidence from panel dataCooper, Daniel
2013 The role of banks in the transmission of monetary policyPeek, Joe / Rosengren, Eric S.
2013 Economic distress and resurgence in US central cities: Concepts, causes, and policy leversKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Muñoz, Ana Patricia
2013 Wealth shocks and macroeconomic dynamicsCooper, Daniel / Dynan, Karen
2013 The role of proximity in foreclosure externalities: Evidence from condominiumsFisher, Lynn M. / Lambie-Hanson, Lauren / Willen, Paul S.
2013 Is monetary policy overburdened?Orphanides, Athanasios
2012 Who gains and who loses from the 2011 debit card interchange fee reform?Shy, Oz
2012 Shifting confidence in homeownership: The great recessionBracha, Anat / Jamison, Julian C.
2012 Foreclosure externalities: Some new evidenceGerardi, Kristopher S. / Rosenblatt, Eric / Willen, Paul S. / Yao, Vincent W.
2012 Payment size, negative equity, and mortgage defaultFuster, Andreas / Willen, Paul S.
2012 Why don't most merchants use price discounts to steer consumer payment choice?Briglevics, Tamás / Shy, Oz
2012 The supplemental security income program and welfare reformSchmidt, Lucie
2012 A psychological perspective of financial panicBracha, Anat / Weber, Elke U.
2012 Labor-market polarization over the business cycleFoote, Christopher L. / Ryan, Richard W.
2012 Effects of credit scores on consumer payment choiceHayashi, Fumiko / Stavins, Joanna
2012 Why did so many people make so many ex post bad decisions? The causes of the foreclosure crisisFoote, Christopher L. / Gerardi, Kristopher S. / Willen, Paul S.
2011 Securitization and moral hazard: Evidence from credit score cutoff rulesBubb, Ryan / Kaufman, Alex
2011 Adopting, using, and discarding paper and electronic payment instruments: Variation by age and raceMann, Ronald J.
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