WTO Staff Working Papers, Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO

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2017 An empirical assessment of the economic effects of WTO accession and its commitmentsChemutai, Vicky; Escaith, Hubert
2017 The revised WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA): Key design features and significance for global trade and developmentAnderson, Robert D.; Müller, Anna Caroline
2017 Accumulating trade costs and competitiveness in global value chainsDiakantoni, Antonia; Escaith, Hubert; Roberts, Michael; Verbeet, Thomas
2017 Plurilateral trade agreements: An escape route for the WTO?Adlung, Rudolf; Mamdouh, Hamid
2017 Does trade openness contribute to driving financing flows for development?Brun, Jean-François; Gnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2017 Interplay between patents and standards in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector and its relevance to the implementation of the WTO AgreementsWu, Xiaoping
2017 Trade issues affecting disaster responseRoberts, Michael; Mohammed, Nazia
2017 The falling elasticity of global trade to economic activity: Testing the demand channelAuboin, Marc; Borino, Floriana
2016 Making (small) firms happy: The heterogeneous effect of trade facilitation measuresFontagné, Lionel; Orefice, Gianluca; Piermartini, Roberta
2016 TBT and Trade Facilitation Agreements: Leveraging linkages to reduce trade costsAyral, Serra
2016 General equilibrium trade policy analysis with structural gravityLarch, Mario; Yotov, Yoto V.
2016 Trade, testing and toasters: Conformity assessment procedures and the TBT CommitteeMcDaniels, Devin; Karttunen, Marianna
2016 Provisions on small and medium-sized enterprises in regional trade agreementsMonteiro, José-Antonio
2016 Why do trade finance gaps persist: Does it matter for trade and development?Auboin, Marc; DiCaprio, Alisa
2016 Implementing the Trade Facilitation Agreement: From vision to realityNeufeld, Nora
2016 Reducing trade costs in LDCs: The role of Aid for TradeLanz, Rainer; Roberts, Michael; Taal, Sainabou
2016 Supply chain finance and SMEs: Evidence from international factoring dataAuboin, Marc; Smythe, Harry; Teh, Robert
2016 Has the multilateral Hong Kong Ministerial decision on duty free quota free market access provided a breakthrough in the Least developed countries' export performance?Gnangnon, Sèna Kimm; Priyadarshi, Shishir
2016 A survey of investment provisions in regional trade agreementsChornyi, Vasyl; Nerushay, Marianna; Crawford, Jo-Ann
2016 Typology of environment-related provisions in regional trade agreementsMonteiro, José-Antonio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 216
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