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2016 Strategic behavior of private entrepreneurs in China: Collective action, representative claims, and connective actionHeberer, Thomas
2016 The effect of the New Silk Road railways on aggregate trade volumes between China and EuropeLi, Yuan; Bolton, Kierstin; Westphal, Theo
2015 Declining trust in growing China: A dilemma between growth and socio-economic damageDai, Shuanping; Elsner, Wolfram
2015 The relevance of inter-personal and inter-organizational ties for interaction quality and outcomes of research collaborations in South KoreaHemmert, Martin
2015 Architectural innovation in China: The concept and its implications for institutional analysisConlé, Marcus
2015 'Authoritarian Resilience' and effective policy implementation in contemporary China: A local state perspectiveAhlers, Anna L.; Heberer, Thomas; Schubert, Gunter
2015 Reducing prejudice through actual and imagined contact: A field experiment with Malawian shopkeepers and Chinese immigrantsGu, Jun; Mueller, Annika; Nielsen, Ingrid; Shachat, Jason; Smyth, Russell
2015 Diversity of firm sizes, complexity, and industry structure in the Chinese economyHeinrich, Torsten; Dai, Shuanping
2015 Default or reactance? Identity priming effects on overconfidence in Germany and JapanDuttle, Kai; Shichijo, Tatsuhiro
2015 Identification to oneself and to the others: Employees' perceptions after a mergerBebenroth, Ralf; Thiele, Kai Oliver
2014 Grundzüge der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung und ihre ordnungspolitischen Leitbilder in der VR China seit 1949Taube, Markus
2014 Task Force: Connecting India, China and Southeast Asia - New socio-economic developmentsSenz, Anja; Reinhardt, Dieter
2014 The potential of deeper economic integration between the Republic of Korea and the EU, exemplified with respect to E-MobilityPascha, Werner
2013 Task Force: Wie lässt sich die Zusammenarbeit des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen mit China und den NRW-Partnerprovinzen vertiefen?Heberer, Thomas; Senz, Anja
2013 Task force: Gewerkschaften, Arbeitsmarktregulierung und Migration in Chinavon der Pütten, Jann Christoph; Göbel, Christian
2013 Cross-cultural experimental economics and indigenous management research: Issues and contributionsHorak, Sven
2013 Rural finance, development and livelihoods in ChinaZhang, Heather Xiaoquan; Loubere, Nicholas
2013 The role of trust in cultivating relation-specific skills: The case of a multinational automotive supplier in Japan and GermanySaeki, Yasuo; Horak, Sven
2012 Some reflections on the current situation in ChinaHeberer, Thomas
2011 Task Force: Nahrungsmittel in China - Food security- und Food safety-Problematik in ChinaLöhr, Susanne; Trappel, René
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107
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