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DateTitle Authors
2015 Environmental Tax Reform in a Federation with Rent-Induced MigrationGaron, Jean-Denis / Séguin, Charles
2015 Employment Protection and the Market for InnovationsBastgen, Andreas / Holzner, Christian
2015 Tipping versus Cooperating to Supply a Public GoodBarrett, Scott / Dannenberg, Astrid
2015 Productivity, Price- and Wage-Markups: An Empirical Analysis of the Dutch Manufacturing IndustryAmoroso, Sara / Melenberg, Bertrand / Plasmans, Joseph / Vancauteren, Mark
2015 Generosity Across ContextsDavis, Alexander L. / Jehli, Nadja R. / Miller, John H. / Weber, Roberto A.
2015 The Effects of Systemic Banking Crises in the Inter-War PeriodRocha, Bruno / Solomou, Solomos
2015 Optimum Commodity Taxation with a Non-Renewable ResourceDaubanes, Julien / Lasserre, Pierre
2015 Financial Frictions and Foreign Direct Investment: Theory and Evidence from Japanese MicrodataRaff, Horst / Ryan, Michael / Stähler, Frank
2015 Pocketbook Voting and Social Preferences in ReferendaMeya, Johannes / Poutvaara, Panu / Schwager, Robert
2015 Ambiguity Aversion is the ExceptionKocher, Martin G. / Lahno, Amrei M. / Trautmann, Stefan T.
2015 Virtually No Effect? Different Uses of Classroom Computers and their Effect on Student AchievementFalck, Oliver / Mang, Constantin / Woessmann, Ludger
2015 Auctions vs. Negotiations: The Effects of Inefficient RenegotiationHerweg, Fabian / Schmidt, Klaus
2015 Optimal Income Taxation when Skills and Behavioral Elasticities are HeterogeneousJacquet, Laurence / Lehmann, Etienne
2015 Inventory Control and Intermediation in Global Supply ChainsQu, Zhan / Raff, Horst / Schmitt, Nicolas
2015 Do Stringent Environmental Policies Deter FDI? M&A versus GreenfieldBialek, Sylwia / Weichenrieder, Alfons
2015 The Multinational Wage Premium and Wage DynamicsOrefice, Gianluca / Sly, Nicholas / Toubal, Farid
2015 Why do Europeans Work Less than Americans? Public Consumption and Welfare Benefits as a Cause of the North-Atlantic DivideHall, Axel / Zoega, Gylfi
2015 The Estimation of Multi-dimensional Fixed Effects Panel Data ModelsBalazsi, Laszlo / Matyas, Laszlo / Wansbeek, Tom J.
2015 A Normative Justification of Compulsory EducationBalestrino, Alessandro / Grazzini, Lisa / Luporini, Annalisa
2015 Monetary Policy with Diverse Private ExpectationsKurz, Mordecai / Motolese, Maurizio / Piccillo, Giulia / Wu, Howei
2015 Do Economic Crises Lead Tourists to Closer Destinations? An Analysis of Italy's Regional DataCafiso, Gianluca / Cellini, Roberto / Cuccia, Tiziana
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