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DateTitle Authors
2015 Spillover effects of labour market reforms in a three-country worldFries, Claudia
2015 German public finances through the financial crisisBlömer, Maximilian / Dolls, Mathias / Fuest, Clemens / Löffler, Max / Peichl, Andreas
2015 Shifting taxes from labor to consumption: More employment and more inequalityPestel, Nico / Sommer, Eric
2015 A sequential decomposition of the drop in collective bargaining coverageFitzenberger, Bernd / Sommerfeld, Katrin
2015 Wages in high-tech start-ups: Do academic spin-offs pay a wage premium?Dorner, Matthias / Fryges, Helmut / Schopen, Kathrin
2015 Consistent or balanced? On the dynamics of voluntary contributionsGallier, Carlo / Reif, Christiane / Römer, Daniel
2015 Peer effects in collaborative content generation: The evidence from German WikipediaSlivko, Olga
2015 Verteilungs- und Aufkommenswirkungen einer Integration des Solidaritätszuschlags in die EinkommensteuerFuest, Clemens / Löffler, Max / Peichl, Andreas / Stichnoth, Holger
2015 A structural decomposition of global raw material consumptionPothen, Frank
2015 Life-cycle incidence of family policy measures in Germany: Evidence from a dynamic microsimulation modelBonin, Holger / Reuss, Karsten / Stichnoth, Holger
2015 R&D policies for young SMEs: Input and output effectsCzarnitzki, Dirk / Delanote, Julie
2015 Does foreign direct investment synchronise business cycles? Results from a panel approachFries, Claudia / Kappler, Marcus
2015 Peer effects in language training for migrantsSprietsma, Maresa / Pfeil, Lisa
2015 Accounting for the spouse when measuring inequality of opportunityPeichl, Andreas / Ungerer, Martin
2015 Innovation budgeting over the business cycle and innovation performanceHud, Martin / Rammer, Christian
2015 Forecaster overconfidence and market survey performanceDeaves, Richard / Lei, Jin / Schröder, Michael
2015 Tax compliance and information provision: A field experiment with small firmsDoerrenberg, Philipp / Schmitz, Jan
2015 Are SRI funds conventional funds in disguise or do they live up to their name?Nitsche, Christin / Schröder, Michael
2015 Politicians' promotion incentives and bank risk exposure in ChinaWang, Li / Menkhoff, Lukas / Schröder, Michael / Xu, Xian
2015 A political economy of China's export restrictions on rare earth elementsPothen, Frank / Fink, Kilian
2015 Aging and urban house pricesHiller, Norbert / Lerbs, Oliver W.
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