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DateTitle Authors
2015 Impact of public funding of education on economic growth in MacedoniaBexheti, Abdylmenaf / Mustafi, Besime
2015 Remittances' impact on the labor supply and on the deficit of current accountMeyer, Dietmar / Shera, Adela
2015 The role of information in the application for merit-based scholarships: Evidence from a randomized field experimentHerber, Stefanie P.
2015 Does higher learning intensity affect student well-being? Evidence from the National Educational Panel StudyQuis, Johanna Sophie
2015 Managing rational routes to randomnessSchmitt, Noemi / Westerhoff, Frank
2014 Love thy neighbor: Religion and prosocial behaviorHeineck, Guido
2014 Gibrat's law redux: Think profitability instead of growthMundt, Philipp / Milakovic, Mishael / Alfarano, Simone
2013 Positive welfare effects of trade barriers in a dynamic equilibrium modelTuinstra, Jan / Wegener, Michael / Westerhoff, Frank
2013 Speculative behavior and the dynamics of interacting stock marketsSchmitt, Noemi / Westerhoff, Frank
2012 The bull and bear market model of Huang and Day : Some extensions and new resultsTramontana, Fabio / Westerhoff, Frank / Gardini, Laura
2012 Do literacy and numeracy pay off? On the relationship between basic skills and earningsAntoni, Manfred / Heineck, Guido
2012 The social welfare function of forests in the light of the theory of public goodsSeregi, János / Lelovics, Zsuzsanna / Balogh, László
2012 Agent-based models for economic policy design: Two illustrative examplesWesterhoff, Frank / Franke, Reiner
2012 Working time preferences, hours mismatch and well-being of couples: Are there spillovers?Wunder, Christoph / Heineck, Guido
2011 Why a simple herding model may generate the stylized facts of daily returns: Explanation and estimationFranke, Reiner / Westerhoff, Frank
2011 Removing systematic patterns in returns in a financial market model by artificially intelligent tradersWitte, Björn-Christopher
2011 Interactions between the real economy and the stock marketWesterhoff, Frank
2011 Fund managers - why the best might be the worst: On the evolutionary vigor of risk-seeking behaviorWitte, Björn-Christopher
2011 Political cycles in income from privatization: The case of AlbaniaImami, Drini / Lami, Endrit / Kächelein, Holger
2011 Structural stochastic volatility in asset pricing dynamics: Estimation and model contestFranke, Reiner / Westerhoff, Frank
2011 On the inherent instability of international financial markets: Natural nonlinear interactions between stock and foreign exchange marketsDieci, Roberto / Westerhoff, Frank
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