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2016 Tür auf für den Gatekeeper? Konzeption eines Indikatoren-Sets für ein routinemäßiges Prozess-, Ergebnis- und Wirtschaftlichkeits-Monitoring der hausarztzentrierten VersorgungHofmann, Sarah; Mühlenweg, Andrea
2016 Comparing predictive accuracy under long memory: With an application to volatility forecastingKruse, Robinson; Leschinski, Christian; Will, Michael
2016 Does the reliability of institutions affect public good contributions? Evidence from a laboratory experimentFochmann, Martin; Jahnke, Bjoern; Wagener, Andreas
2016 On the memory of products of long range dependent time seriesLeschinski, Christian
2016 The political determinants of government bond holdingsEichler, Stefan; Plaga, Timo
2016 A market-based indicator of currency risk: Evidence from American depositary receiptsEichler, Stefan; Rövekamp, Ingmar
2016 An empirical assessment of global capital productivityKnolle, Julia; Lehmann, Kai
2016 Naturalisation and investments in children's human capital: Evidence from a natural experimentvon Haaren-Giebel, Friederike
2016 Optimal syndication decision of corporate venture capital and venture capital firmsFrick, Andreas; Maxin, Hannes
2016 The influence of additive outliers on the performance of information criteria to detect nonlinearityRinke, Saskia
2016 Pure theory of the federal funds rateHomburg, Stefan
2015 Stochastic transfers, risky investment and incomes: Evidence from an income guarantee program in ThailandWagener, Andreas; Zenker, Juliane
2015 Understanding benign liquidity traps: The case of JapanHomburg, Stefan
2015 Budgetary interests and the degree of unbundling in electricity markets: An empirical analysis for OECD countriesLindemann, Henrik
2015 Regulatory objectives and the intensity of unbundling in electricity marketsLindemann, Henrik
2015 Information criteria for nonlinear time series modelsRinke, Saskia; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2015 Predicting economic activity via Eurozone yield spreads: Impact of credit riskSchock, Matthias
2015 Does regulatory independence translate into a higher degree of liberalization? Evidence from EU energy regulatorsLindemann, Henrik
2015 Labor mobility and technology diffusion: A new concept and its application to rural Southeast AsiaHübler, Michael
2015 A multivariate test against spurious long memorySibbertsen, Philipp; Leschinski, Christian; Holzhausen, Marie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 374