SFB 649 Discussion Papers, HU Berlin

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2015 Distillation of news flow into analysis of stock reactionsZhang, Junni L.; Härdle, Wolfgang K.; Chen, Cathy Y.; Bommes, Elisabeth
2015 Nonparametric change-point analysis of volatilityBibinger, Markus; Jirak, Moritz; Vetter, Mathias
2015 Estimation of NAIRU with inflation expectation dataCui, Wei; Härdle, Wolfgang K.; Wang, Weining
2015 Efficiency of wind power production and its determinantsPieralli, Simone; Ritter, Matthias; Odening, Martin
2015 Cognitive bubblesBosch-Rosa, Ciril; Meissner, Thomas; Bosch-Domènech, Antoni
2015 From galloping inflation to price stability in steps: Israel 1985-2013Melnick, Rafi; Strohsal, Till
2015 Stochastic population analysis: A functional data approachFang, Lei; Härdle, Wolfgang K.
2015 Loss potential and disclosures related to credit derivatives: A cross-country comparison of corporate bond funds under US and German regulationGałkiewicz, Dominika Paula
2015 Manager characteristics and credit derivative use by US corporate bond fundsGałkiewicz, Dominika Paula
2015 An adaptive approach to forecasting three key macroeconomic variables for transitional ChinaNiu, Linlin; Xu, Xiu; Chen, Ying
2015 Characterizing the financial cycle: Evidence from a frequency domain analysisStrohsal, Till; Proaño Acosta, Christian; Wolters, Jürgen
2015 Structural vector autoregressions with heteroskedasticity: A comparison of different volatility modelsLütkepohl, Helmut; Netšunajev, Aleksei
2015 Is there an asymmetric impact of housing on output?Lee, Tsung-Hsien Michael; Chen, Wenjuan
2015 How do financial cycles interact? Evidence from the US and the UKStrohsal, Till; Proaño Acosta, Christian; Wolters, Jürgen
2015 Competitors in merger control: Shall they be merely heard or also listened to?Giebe, Thomas; Lee, Miyu
2015 Testing missing at random using instrumental variablesBreunig, Christoph
2015 The time-varying degree of inflation expectations anchoringStrohsal, Till; Melnick, Rafi; Nautz, Dieter
2015 The information content of monetary statistics for the Great Recession: Evidence from GermanyChen, Wenjuan; Nautz, Dieter
2015 Risk related brain regions detected with 3D image FPCAChen, Ying; Härdle, Wolfgang K.; Qiang, He; Majer, Piotr
2015 Generalized exogenous processes in DSGE: A Bayesian approachMeyer-Gohde, Alexander; Neuhoff, Daniel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 741
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