Diskussionspapiere, Fächergruppe VWL, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Institutional reform and depositors' portfolio choice: Evidence from bank account dataBerlemann, Michael; Luik, Marc-André
2016 Child health, human capital and adult financial behaviorLuik, Marc-André
2016 Does the 4th estate deliver? Towards more direct measure of political media biasDewenter, Ralf; Dulleck, Uwe; Thomas, Tobias
2016 Information processing in freight and freight forward markets: An event study on OPEC announcementsLauenstein, Philipp; Küster Simic, André
2016 International competition intensified: Job satisfaction sacrificed?Dluhosch, Barbara; Horgos, Daniel
2016 A life course perspective on the income-to-health relationship: Macro-empirical evidence from two centuriesNagel, Korbinian
2016 Deficit policy within the framework of the stability and growth pact: Empirical results and lessons for the fiscal compactAfflatet, Nicolas
2016 Can news draw blood? The impact of media coverage on the number and severity of terror attacksBeckmann, Klaus; Dewenter, Ralf; Thomas, Tobias
2016 Evaluating prediction markets for internal control applicationsWerner, Max
2016 Shared value potential of transporting cargo via hyperloopWerner, Max; Eißing, Klaus; Langton, Sebastian
2016 A critique of the Richardson equationsBeckmann, Klaus; Gattke, Susan; Lechner, Anja; Reimer, Lennart
2016 Monitoring venture capital investments through internal control prediction marketsWerner, Max; Vianelli, Andrea; Bodek, Mariusz C.
2016 Innovation and immigration: Insights from a placement policyJahn, Vera; Steinhardt, Max Friedrich
2016 Lineare dynamische Konfliktmodelle: Ein systematischer ÜberblickBeckmann, Klaus; Gattke, Susan; Lechner, Anja; Reimer, Lennart
2015 Rechts? Links? Liberal? Egal? Gründe für die Entstehung verzerrter Medieninhalte und Methoden zur Messung des BiasIm Winkel, Niklas
2015 The importance of Mittelstand firms for regional apprenticeship activity: Lessons for policyJahn, Vera
2015 Fiscal policy in a debt crisis: A modelAfflatet, Nicolas
2015 The Boulding-Richardson model revisitedBeckmann, Klaus; Gattke, Susan; Reimer, Lennart
2015 Preisgarantien im KraftstoffmarktDewenter, Ralf; Schwalbe, Ulrich
2014 Determinants of House Price Dynamics. What Can We Learn From Search Engine Data?Bennöhr, Lars; Oestmann, Marco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 175