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DateTitle Authors
2015 Federalism and innovation support for small and medium-sized enterprises: Empirical evidence in EuropeBecker, Lasse / Bizer, Kilian
2015 Dynamics of yardstick regulation: Historical cost data and the ratchet effectMeya, Johannes
2015 Democracy and international trade: Differential effects from a panel quantile regression frameworkAbeliansky, Ana / Krenz, Astrid
2015 Labor force participation of women in the EU - What role do family policies play?Gehringer, Agnieszka / Klasen, Stephan
2015 Pharmaceutical regulation, mandatory substitution, and generic competitionBirg, Laura
2015 The citizen-candidate model with imperfect policy controlAytimur, R. Emre / Boukouras, Aristotelis / Schwager, Robert
2015 Political determinants of municipal accounts: Quasi-experimental evidence from Portugalda Fonseca, Mariana Lopes
2015 Identifying the source of incumbency advantage through an electoral reformda Fonseca, Mariana Lopes
2015 Electoral competition and endogenous political institutions: Quasi-experimental evidence from GermanyBaskaran, Thushyanthan / da Fonseca, Mariana Lopes
2015 Die Effizienz von Zuteilungsmechanismen bei Flächenzertifikaten zwischen Versteigerung und Grandfathering: Experimentelle EvidenzMeub, Lukas / Proeger, Till / Bizer, Kilian / Henger, Ralph
2015 Effectiveness of public innovation support in Europe: Does public support foster turnover, employment and labour productivity?Becker, Lasse
2015 Secularization and long-run economic growthStrulik, Holger
2015 The victim matters: Experimental evidence on lying, moral costs and moral cleansingMeub, Lukas / Proeger, Till / Schneider, Tim / Bizer, Kilian
2015 Knowledge-intensive business services as credence goods: A demand-side approachFeser, Daniel / Proeger, Till
2015 Tax mimicking in the short- and long-run: Evidence from German reunificationBaskaran, Thushyanthan
2015 Networks and product innovation across European SMEsBehncke, Nadine
2015 Minimum quality standards and non-complianceBirg, Laura / Voßwinkel, Jan S.
2015 Intellectual property rights hinder sequential innovation: Experimental evidenceBrüggemann, Julia / Crosetto, Paolo / Meub, Lukas / Bizer, Kilian
2014 Minimum quality standards and compulsory labeling: More than the sum of its partsBirg, Laura / Voßwinkel, Jan S.
2014 The political economy of certificates for land use in Germany: Experimental evidenceBizer, Kilian / Henger, Ralph / Meub, Lukas / Proeger, Till
2014 Mandatory minimum contributions, heterogenous endowments and voluntary public-good provisionKeser, Claudia / Markstädter, Andreas / Schmidt, Martin
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